EP006: Extreme Weight Loss - Creating the Show with Executive Producer Matt Assmus

Extreme Weight Loss compared to The Biggest Loser.

EP006:  Extreme Weight Loss - Creating the Show with Executive Producer Matt Assmus

Matt shares with us the responsibilities of an executive producer for a weight loss, reality show. Extreme Weight Loss works with clients, who have over 200 pounds to shed, for over a year. It starts with setting proper expectations and creating weight loss goals for each individual and ends with skin reduction surgery for the clients who meet their goals. The shows’ producers and hosts become friends, confidants and cheerleaders with the clients as they feel the pressure to succeed. And, when the show is finished filming you move on to next season’s clients.


Key Takeaways:

[:39] Quest nutrition uses high-quality ingredients

[2:44] Who is Matt Assmus and what does he do

[7:55] Extreme Weight Loss, creating the show

[11:17] Setting proper expectations for weight loss

[12:46] Skin surgery after losing 50% body weight

[14:38] Chris & Heidi develop individualized plans for each person

[15:57] Casting looks for people who are at their last resort

[19:10] We naturally brought in Heidi

[21:44] Chris believes everybody’s story

[23:44] Putting pressure on the clients to reach their goals

[27:21] Clients support each other and are given local trainers

[30:11] How many people gain the weight back after the show

[31:19] Staying in the public eye helps people keep the weight off

[33:57] It’s hard for clients to be invisible after being on the show

[34:50] There is no transition program after the show

[36:21] If you’ve lost 200 lbs. you are an inspiration to many

[37:51] A viewing party let me see the effects our show is having

[42:00] Weight loss shows bring obesity to the forefront

[46:22] We wanted to show the effects of the weight loss other than the weight loss

[47:32] The Lightning Round



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