EP007: Discussing Fitness Goals with your Spouse when They are not On Board with Natalie Hodson

Setting small, realistic fitness goals to help you #ownit

EP007:  Discussing Fitness Goals with your Spouse when They are not On Board with Natalie Hodson

Getting your fitness groove on is difficult at first. Fear of being judged at the gym can cause you to skip your workout. But what do you do when you really want to lose the baby weight, tone your muscles and make yourself healthier and happier? Try focusing on only the things you are able to change and make small, attainable goals for yourself. Lynn’s soul sister and stunt double, Natalie, shares with us how her honesty led her to a new career, a healthier life and gained her millions of followers. Plus, 3 grocery store hacks you can use to buy nutritious, tasty food for less money.


Key Takeaways:

[:59] Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar - Yes please and follow it up with a Dollar Workout Club Video

[3:28] Natalie never thought she would be in the health and fitness industry

[5:01] Without 12-week trainer my fitness journey may not have happened

[6:10] Finding ways to make eating healthy taste good

[8:30] We were swimming in student loan debt, so I needed to work

[14:32] I used exercise as self-care when I reached mommy burnout

[17:35] Getting women on the same page

[19:30] Frustration about my body changes and no one talked about it

[21:20] Natalie’s #ownit campaign - Focus on things you can change

[27:00] Helping with the Perfectly Imperfect campaign

[28:47] There have been mean comments

[29:36] Men have insecurities and inadequacies too

[31:47] Dave Ramsey Podcast

[33:05] Natalie’s grocery store hacks

[39:10] Dealing with a spouse who is not on board

[43:07] Lynn survives being thrown under the bus by Drew, again

[44:10] It’s a difficult situation discussing your fitness goals with your spouse

[47:30] A 3rd child?

[48:20] Natalie would do a fit2fat2fit journey

[50:30] The Lightning Round - Accidents happen



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