Massage Envy June Giveaway!

So excited to announce I'm doing a huge giveaway with Massage Envy(Utah) to give away a 3 month membership! This membership gives you a free massage each month along with discounts on additional massages or services. 

All through June we are asking our followers to set a month-long personal fitness goal. On June 30th, when the goal is completed, we ask that all contestants post a picture or set of pictures on instagram documenting the progress of your goal and the end result using hastag #MEUtahFitnessGoal. Don't forget to follow @massageenvyutah and tag me in your photos for support throughout the month.

We will evaluate the contestant's submissions and choose a winner based on creativity, persistence, dedication, and overall completion and success of the set goal.  

I love to integrate in massages into my lifetsyle to help with muscle soreness and recovery so I hope you enjoy this giveaway and head to instagram to participate (you can see my post on my page