Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation – Meet Dan

Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation – Meet Dan

You know it's a great week when I receive TWO different success stories to share with you! I am always impressed not only with people's ability to adopt a new lifestyle and better themselves, but with their willingness to share their stories with everyone else. Keep them coming! 

Hi Drew,

Thanks for the kind words regarding my weight loss. It was actually pretty simple. I stayed away from refined sugar and anything that contained it. Walked – sometimes for 2 hours a day. I do light weights, and can give you a much more detailed account of my rituals and changes of habits, but it really just came down to this:

I want my music career to be better than it ever was before. I want energy like I never had before, and I don’t want to feel any older than I am. So with this attitude came a dedication and will power that has kept me on track.

I feel as if it is now or never for me to make the most of my life and be all I can be. There’s so much I want to do.

Those pictures are about a year apart, but by July, I was still 238 lbs. I lost most of my weight in July and August – almost 40 lbs. I took full advantage of the hot days to sweat and burn off the fat. I am currently 194. 

I would consider to run or do CrossFit, but I am also at the age where body parts can break down much faster than the younger guys – so I keep it simple. The last thing I want is to be laid up on a couch.

That brings me to the 2 great epiphanies I had:

1. Food is fuel – nothing more – if I need to have pleasure, than I should be getting from life experiences.

2. If I am gonna sit on the couch – then I might as well sleep. Watching TV and just being bored will kill you. So I might as well stay active.

I have also decided to spend money on "ME" and my maintenance. I have had blood work, seen a nutritionist, and even go to a chiropractor regularly just to make sure I'm in top shape. 

Best to you!


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