Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation – Meet Lu

Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation – Meet Lu

One of my favorite things as a trainer is seeing other succeed – I seriously cannot get enough of these awesome stories you guys are willing to share with me. If you'd like to submit yours, you can email it to

Here is Lu's story of how he went from 310 lbs and suffered  from chronic gout, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sleep apnea – and how he turned it around and dropped to 195 and started competing in powerlifting! Way to go, Lu!

Lu's Story:

Yo Drew!

Sorry I took so long to get this to you. When I saw the pic you posted of your brother it made me want to reach out to you because I thought how polarizing it was that you are so representative of fitness and yet your own brother was there with his own struggles with weight and until now he hadn’t set his mind to really get after it.  It's a real personal decision.  No one can make you do it, even if your brother is an awesome trainer. I have been there and it's a battle but it's very possible.

Enter your Fit2Fat2fit book. I read it and took 6 weeks to dial in my nutrition with a lot of the recipes you used. I got down to 298lbs. I enlisted the help of a trainer, the owner of Semtex Barbell (Pat O'Reilly). At the time they had a powerlifting/CrossFit program that I would soon adopt and then focus more on the powerlifting. My first day I threw up. I came back though and pushed through. Whatever he said to do I listened. I complained once and he said. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable and I will meet you half way” I ended up losing about 100 lbs in 15 months. Last November I competed in the 198 division as a USPA meet and prior to that I had placed 3rd at another USPA event in the 220 division.

There are days that suck, you fall off the wagon. It's cool just reset and tackle the next day. When my kids want to eat a cupcake with me, I eat it. I love pizza, bacon, beer, bourbon and cigars. But the difference is I earn those treats now and I am human just like the other 7 billion of us. Perfectly imperfect.

I'm sitting currently at 235 on another cut to do another powerlifting meet at some point at the end of the year or maybe early 2016. My wife and kids are very supportive of what I do and my wife will not let me go back to the fat guy store ever again!

You and Lynn have been awesome, constantly evolving the material you provide to help others. Thank you for investing so much time and believing that everyone has the ability to change their fitness habits for the better. All the best and I wish you and your family each and every success. Love from So FL to you guys, anything I can do to help ya'll front the East Coast please don't hesitate to ask.

Fat pics are from 2010 - 2012. The D & D shirt pic is me right after weigh ins for 198 lb division and my official weigh in was 195.6. The one with me in the singlet is competing at the 220 division.

Thank you!

Lu -