Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation - Nick

Everyone meet Nick:

Here is Nick's amazing transformation story:

So this is me, in December 2002.  This was my heaviest weight of 290 pounds.  I had some serious food addictions that started in my early childhood years.  I grew up in a home where everything revolved around food and there were no food restrictions.  Food was all about pleasure.  Period.  Even as a kid, I ate whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted it.  In the pic, I’m not exactly sure of my waistline.  All I know is I was wearing a size 46” pant that I was unable to button.  I would keep them unbuckled and wear a belt.  I was not going to buy another pair of pants just to feel comfortable for a couple months only for me to outgrow them too.  At this time I actually had a highly physical job (UPS driver).  I just loved to eat and eat a lot.  It was normal for me to drink Coke by the 2 liter, eat fast food 2-3 times a day, and still go home and eat a 2nd dinner with the family after a long day at work.
This next pic is when I started your fat2fit program in January 2014.  I made some yoyo progress over the past 10 years, but never really maintained a weight for too long because I was still struggling with food addictions.  For years I would do cycles of 2-3 week of extreme diet and exercising followed by a 1-3 day splurging spree, and then repeat.  This was my warped maintainable lifestyle, one extreme or the other.  I was hungry for breakthrough, but I needed some help getting there.  For the first time in my life I started a blog and made my goals public to hold myself accountable.  This was a tremendous help because in the past when I would set goals, if I was tired of fighting or if it was taking too long to achieve my goals, I would slowly persuade myself that my goals may be too unrealistic for me or maybe next month or year it will happen and I would soon quit.   Most of the time I would quit after one of my splurging episodes because I would get so angry and disappointed in myself for not being able to control the addiction.  So what would I do when I’m angry, depressed and disappointed?  You guessed it, another splurge day.  Pant’s size 36" 

After completing your fat2fit program, May 2014.  Pant size 31”-32” depending on brand.  8.4% BodyFat.

My original goal was just to reach a number of under 10% body fat.  I tried to accomplish this by strictly following Drew's meal and workout plan.  I followed his workout plan 98%.  As for the meal plan, I would find my old habits of splurging every 2-3 weeks with a 8000-10000 calorie splurge day.   It was those days I would try to satisfy every craving I could in day’s time because I knew I would be going strict again in my diet for another 2-3 weeks.  It wasn’t until I was about half way through his program that I realized my priorities were messed up and I had deeper issues that I needed to deal with.  I realized it’s great to have a goal of under 10% body fat, but Drew's program helped me develop a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable and to break the cycles of one extreme to the other.  I also realized I needed help.  So I confessed my food addictions with a close friend, and He’s been praying for me and I check in with him daily.  This has been such a tremendous help.  It’s biblical and it works.  It’s bringing healing and restoration to my spirit, mind and body.

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