Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

Everyone meet Erin and Brandon Bender from Tooele, Utah:

Here is Brandon and Erin's story:

We have been following Fit2Fat2Fit since pretty much the beginning, but actually didn’t start our own journey until March. We have been married for 4 years. During the 1st part of our marriage and even while we were dating we attended the gym regularly. But as it happens with most couples after marriage we got comfortable and lazy. Before I knew it I had gained back the 40 lbs that I had lost before marriage and Erin had gained several pounds as well. Like most people we have a very busy life, I have coached at least 1 or more little league baseball teams every summer until this year and volunteer in the local Search and Rescue. Erin has a crazy work schedule in which she works both day shift and night shift and sometimes both in the same week. We also follow nieces and nephews and my little brother and sister all over the state watching their sports games. We are rarely home so we got comfortable with just getting food on the go, never thinking that the things we were eating was actually hurting us.

This past winter we both seemed to really start putting on the pounds. We both started complaining about our backs and knees hurting and my hips were also hurting all of the time. I knew it was from the extra weight we were packing. We kept saying how we needed to get back to the gym and start dieting. We would do really good for a couple of days, but then soon find an excuse and go get fast food and skip the gym. It wasn’t until we were talking with our neighbor one evening and he was petting our dog, Panda. He was telling Panda how she was getting fat and grabbing the fat along her rib cage. I remember walking in the house after and thinking what he had said. After taking a look at myself in the mirror I realized  I had done what I never wanted to do and had dragged myself, my wife, and my dog into being fat and overweight.

I started looking at different diet plans on the internet, then one morning I saw a post from Fit2Fat2Fit showing a follower that had lost a lot of weight and was looking good. I thought if he can do it why can’t I? I read everything that Drew had developed which gave me everything I needed to make a change in my life. That night I told Erin that we were going to give this a try and she was just as anxious as I. We didn’t set a date to start; we just jumped right into it the next day.

We both feel amazing now! The soreness we have from doing Drew’s crazy gym workouts feel so much better than the soreness we were experiencing being overweight. Our dog has benefitted from following Fit2Fat2Fit too. She has lost about 5 pounds. No words can express the joy this new lifestyle has brought into our lives! We are so grateful for Drew and Lynn and all the support they have given us through this journey.