Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

Everyone meet Socrates:

Here is Socrates' story:

So i have always been a skinny dude with "moobies" aka man boobs (a gift i inherited from my dad), but skinny nonetheless. So in 1998, after  a  break-up with my highschool sweetheart and chasing another girl, I moved north to the Yukon, way up north in Canada. I moved to a small town of a population of 1000 and our favorite sport was alcohol. After a few years of boozin i had tagged on 20 pounds (nothing crazy). I went from a 36" waist to a 38" and was about 215 up from my 195 I usually run around at.

And then the next 7 years happened.

In 2004, my mom passed away. She was a wonderful woman who loved me and deserved to live past 54 and to give me more than 29 years with her, but alas,  that's not what happened!  So, being in an alcholic environment up here, I decided that I would   drink my sadness away for the next 2 years, putting on another 50lbs putting me at 270 and a 44" waist. 

Now, the Christmas  of 2006 heading down to the closest town, which was 550 kms away in -45 weather.  I decided the best thing for me and my wife-to-be was for me to kiss the front end of a propane truck, sending me through a windshield and breaking 5 ribs, puncturing a lung, shattering my leg, requiring 13 screws and 2 plates, broken scapula and broken collar bone.  After 2 weeks in a hospital I lost about 25lbs and was down to about 235 and was determined to hold that weight even though i would be in a wheelchair....didn't happen. Being on pain killers due to a lot of pain and broken bones, I didn't work out and decided the best remedy was food and booze and no exercise, putting me up around 290 by 2009.

Then we tried to have a baby, but had a couple of miscarriages.  At this point I was 336lbs and full blown depressed and it was April of 2011.  I eventually made the  decision I would no longer be that fat lovable guy that everyone accepted and liked.  I managed to get down to 296 by October when I came across Drew on Jay Leno.  Every winter when I would get laid off I would always plan to start working out and eat  better, but could never come up with a diet that worked.  Drew gave me a path and a way and on Nov 5th I jumped in and went for it.  I have quit smoking, quit drinking, and lost a total of 107lbs since last April, but 78 have been lost since I started following Drew and this new lifestyle. What can I say...I absolutely feel and look like a new man and plan to be married by the end of the year and hope to have our first child within a year!