Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

Everyone meet Erin:

Here is Erin's story:

After getting hurt in the military with 13 hip and feet fractures I become extremely depressed and turned to food for comfort. I felt trapped in a body that could no longer do what I wanted to without experiencing pain and soreness for days. I had totally given up at the ripe age of 20. In January of 2011 I topped the scales at 195 (I'm 5’7) and I just knew it was way too much weight and I had to do something. After figuring out what worked with my injuries I was able to drop 25 pounds with just exercise.

Then in October of 2011 I had found Drew’s website and was intrigued by the crazy man who wanted to get fat! I didn’t get started on the plan until February 2012 due to a broken foot (and if I am being honest a bruised ego!), but with Drew’s website it really showed me JUST how important eating healthy is! With following his advice and his awesome motivating emails I was able to drop another 20 pounds, 8% body fat and go from a size 10/12 to a 4/6 in about 3 months! Sadly I broke my foot yet again and was not able to continue working out, so I focused on eating healthy and have maintained my weight for the past 6 weeks. With my set backs this year of injuries I am not to my goal yet, but I am so thankful for Drew and all the great advice I have received. It has really shown me the importance of a healthy diet and has motivated me to change my major to become a Dietitian and minor in Exercise Science to help people just like he has.

Now at almost 23 I have never been happier and healthier! Healthy foods really do make a HUGE difference in your attitude and overall mood and the difference is amazing! Lastly, I wanted to share something I heard today that really sunk in... When we are on the freeway and we miss our exit we don’t just keep going hoping we will get back somehow, we get off the freeway make a U-turn and haul butt to get back on route. So how come we don't do that in life?! If you slip up in your nutrition or have a set back in your efforts to get healthy don't be too hard on yourself, just make that U-turn and get right back on track! Team Drew you guys rock and Drew and Lynn your amazing and such a blessing! Thank you SO much!!!