Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

Everyone meet Jermaine from Chicago, IL:

Here is Jermaine's story:

I'm Jermaine Terrell and I'm 28 years old and 5'8. When I started this journey with Drew I weighed in at 275lbs, I'm now down to 190lbs. I have been an avid follower from day 1 (November 5, 2011) and I have used all of Drew's advice, menus and workouts to the max. 

I saw Drew's amazing story on back in late October of 2011. And with the support of my lovely wife (who has always been fit) I just had to try it. Drew really made everything dummy proof. This is by far the easiest thing I have ever done, to lose weight and become healthy.

I had an injury at the age of 21 that caused for me to have a right knee replacement. I had just received some news from my doctor in late September of 2011 that I had to lose weight, to stop the pain that was in my knee and to lower my blood pressure. Now, the knee replacement has always limited my cardio workouts which in turn always caused me to end up lifting weights when I was working out. This caused me to gain alot of mass on top of the fat. I really hoped my truth could be a beacon of hope, just like Drew is to so many people. But my excessive weight gain had drawn me to start drinking to try and escape the realism of how big I had gotten. I remember the embarrasing feeling of buying 4x size shirts and 42 size pants.

I'm at peace with myself now, knowing that I'm healthy and I think I look good! Thanks to Drew Manning and his supportive wife, Lynn, for changing my life. I will continue to live this lifestyle and support the best transformation lifestyle thats out there (aka Fit2fat2fit and team Drew and Lynn)! There is about 20 people at my gym that are all about Fit2fat2fit and everyone has seen drastic changes!