Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

This is a story about persistence and much more than just weight loss. Everyone meet George T. Whaley from Newport, NC:

Here is George's story:

Do your kids ever ask you, "Are we there yet?"  Well, I'm not there yet.  I have lost a lot of weight and a lot of inches but I still have a ways to go.  My ultimate goal is not based upon a number on the scale.  I have learned from my doctor and the fit2fat2fit program that I need to focus on my medical health and a long term healthy lifestyle.  Losing weight, keeping it off forever and discontinuing all medications is my main focus.
I have been working a full time job with some overtime and a part time small business for the past twelve years.  I am blessed with a wonderful wife and two awesome sons, which I love to spend time with.  Between work and family, there seemed to be little time to sleep with even less time to have a consistent work out program.  My weight issues did not start twelve years ago.  I have struggled with my weight for the past twenty three years.  Every time I lost twenty pounds, it would slowly return with an extra five pounds to go with it.  I have lost that twenty pounds more times than I can remember and my weight continued to increase.  As I got older, the excess weight and unhealthy lifestyle began to cause some serious health problems.
While slowly riding my elliptical machine, I saw this fat dude as I was watching Good Morning America on November 1, 2011.  He claimed to be a personal trainer who gained a lot of weight so he could help people lose weight.  I immediately stepped off my exercise machine and looked up the website for this pudgy movie star look alike.  To my surprise, he was someone I could relate to.  I am referring to the responsibility of being a husband and father and working more than one job.  I thought, if he can lose all that weight, then I can lose some along with him.  So that is when my weight loss adventure began.
A combination of high blood pressure, shoulder pain and pure weakness made push-ups nearly impossible in November.  I had to start out on my knees and work my way up to doing push-ups on my toes.  Jogging with knee joint pain is no fun at all.  I still have to ice up my knees after some workouts but not nearly as often.  Keeping a daily food journal and drinking more water has become easy.  Resisting my wife's dark chocolate brownies she makes for our sons is the hard part but it does get easier after a while.
My primary short term goal is to have my waist equal to or less than half my height.  This will help me avoid type 2 diabetes along with other health problems.  Well, I'm not there yet.  I can not do this alone but with the help of my doctor and Drew Manning, I am on my way to a long term healthy lifestyle.  I would like to thank Drew and Lynn Manning for all their help and support.
George T. Whaley