Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

We loved this story for many reasons, but one major one is the way he compares being "motivated" to becoming "inspired". I hope YOU find what inspires you, in order to acquire the "life-long" drive and determination to become and stay healthy.

Everyone meet Nate from Eagle Mountain, Utah:

Week 1 (Nov. 2011):                                                                                     Week 20 (March 2012):

         Weight: 190 lbs      Waist: 40"                                                                           Weight: 159.2 lbs       Waist: 32"


Here is Nate's story:
Drew & Lynn,
I just wanted to start off telling you 'THANK YOU' along with all the other countless other individuals who you have impacted for the rest of our lives. What you have done can never be expressed through words them self.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
It's amazing to me how things in this life happen the way they do.  I have always known that deep down I have the personal discipline and desire to get in and to stay in shape, however I had found myself overwhelmed numerous times and quite honestly distrustful with the daunting amount of resources out there from magazines, to the Internet, even as far as to supposed proven methods such as insanity and P90Xs (these worked temporarily, however they were TOO intense to keep up over a long period of time and I would slip right back into another excuse for the day in order to not put myself in another position of 'Insanity').  I found myself very frustrated back in November of 2011 wanting to find something or someone that I could trust that could give me a 'proven', yet realistic, path that I too could follow.
What a life changing event it was for me when I logged onto the local news/web page here in Utah and I saw two people; a fit and a fat person who I would have sworn on first glance were two brothers.  The fat one was the one I felt like internally and externally, yet the fit one was the one that I felt like I could become. The way you have approached this whole concept is inspiring.  Overall, people enjoy movies where the down-trodden individual rises from the their challenged situation, yet still finds a way to overcome all kinds of adversity in order to succeed (Rudy, Miracle, and of course let's not forget Rocky).  Your fit-2-fat pictures in a matter of 3 seconds inspired me personally more than any of those movies could have ever done.  I believe being motivated lasts for a short period of time, whereas when you are inspired, it can last for a lifetime.  I don't feel motivated... I have felt nothing short of inspired.  I have been driven to follow the fit2fat2fit workout/meal plans and I feel GREAT (I just sounded like Tony the Tiger...even though I won't eat those frosted flakes :-) )  I feel every aspect of my life has been improved from following your guidance.  This feeling is amazing and I now feel like it is my duty to pay it forward to as many others that I can influence and help  so that they too can change their own lives.  Often people who know me ask me "What are you doing???", it's funny... they never seem to be content with my answer "I am just eating healthy and exercising".  Everyone is looking for a magic pill or something other than good ol' fashion hard work and eating smart.  After asking me the previous question they finish with this last question, "what are your weight goals and such?"  That's when I smile at them and say... "Whatever fit (wholesome food & exercise) decides".  To be honest, my main goal is to be at my grandkids High School graduation one day and to have one of his friends say, "Hey your Dad is here!" and to have him say "Nah that is my fit Grandpa!!!"
Again, thank you and Lynn for all you do for all us!  I now know how to properly eat and exercise in order to get 'REAL' results.