Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

Everyone meet Morgan from Colorado:

BEFORE (Nov. 2011):                            AFTER (March 2012):

Here is Morgan's story:

I started my journey with fit2fat2fit at 302lbs. I've always been a big guy and was not aware of how unhealthy my lifestyle was.  Now 4 months into my journey I'm down 53.4lbs. This lifestyle change has been phenomenal! My life has had a complete 180. I don't mean that lightly. I have gone from the reality of my every day routine being a struggle, chaffing, loss of breath and low confidence. I had the mentality that this was it, there was no other way to be. My relationship with food wasn't healthy, I was addicted to bad eating habits and an inactive lifestyle, it was destroying me. Now a little over halfway thru this journey, 9 1/2 inches lost and 53.4Lbs lighter, I have a new reality. There is no going back for me.  I don't consider the way I was living actually living. I have two boys who are athletes, not being able to coach them and their team was a huge wake up call. Drew your mentorship & fit2fat2fit has made me a new man, a healthier man. It has given me the confidence and knowledge to live a healthy active life. You gave me what I couldn't see in myself. But above all you introduced me to a healthy lifestyle that I'm able to pass onto my boys. It truly has been phenomenal, thank you!