Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

We all have similar stories, but at the same time they are all so personal, individual and unique. My favorite part about this story is the positive improvement it'll make in his daughter's life for years to come.

Everyone meet Chandler Cummins:

BEFORE (1/7/12) 305 lbs:                                                                    AFTER (4/27/12) 244 lbs:


Here is Chandler's story:

Well Drew, it certainly wasn’t easy in the beginning.  I look back at that first week of January when I gave up Diet Coke and all processed sugar at once.  I spent over 2 days in bed going through “withdrawals”.  I’m one of the many that would sit around and watch “The Biggest Loser’ and make excuses.  “Sure it’s easy for them, they have a personal trainer” or, “If I ever get to 400lbs, I’ll know I need to do something”.  I would look at myself in the mirror and keep telling myself that I wasn’t overweight.  I would even take pictures, and it still didn’t register.  Everyone has a life changing moment I think.  Not sure I can pinpoint mine to any one particular moment, but I know something clicked after the first of the year.  Now both my daughter (13yrs old) and I go to the gym, or get some sort of activity in 6 days a week.  We both feel great, and we have so much fun coming up with new healthy ideas in the kitchen.  She plans the menu, and cooks dinner three times a week now.  Our relationship has grown stronger and we are really starting to enjoy life.  I feel so much better and have more energy than I have in a long time.  Sleeping a full 8 hours a night too instead of my usual 5-6. We have a big poster on the refrigerator that says, “YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET” and she is slowly understanding what that means.

My new motto, "If I can't pronounce it, I don't eat it"

Hoping the next 60 comes off just as easy, but now that I’ve seen progress I won’t let anything stop me!
Thank you for the site, and the sacrifice you made…it certainly has made a difference in our lives!