Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

We're excited to feature our first couple.  It really does make a difference having someone joining you on this new #teamdrew lifestyle and doing it together, especially someone like your spouse (can you say tough love?!) or someone that you live with.  It makes it easier when both are working together towards the same goal (a little healthy competition never hurt anyone!).

Everyone meet Bill and Danelle from Batesburg, South Carolina:

BEFORE (February 18, 2012):  DURING (April 21, 2012):
BILL-Wk 0: 257 lbs/Wk 9: 224 lbs DANELLE-Wk 0: 142 lbs./Wk 9: 125 lbs.


Here is Bill and Danelle's story:

"My husband Bill and I are originally from Watervliet, New York. We currently live in Batesburg, SC.  We have known each other since we were six years old (and apparently Bill had a secret crush on me since then), but didn't start dating until 10 years after we graduated from high school.  He was in the Navy and I went to school in Ohio.  We got married a couple years ago after dating for about a year and a half.  When we first got together we were both at a good weight, but not really fit or healthy.  Bill worked 3 jobs, and didn't eat enough and definitely didn't get enough sleep.  He basically lived off energy drinks.  I was happy with the way I looked but started putting on a few pounds here and there because we started eating way too much fast food.  It was too easy because we were always so busy.  Bill decided to go to college for computer networking and went down to just one job.  He started eating more, stopped drinking so many energy drinks, and started gaining weight at a steady pace. After a couple years I decided to go back to school as well for my Masters, and I worked over 50 hours a week at my job.  We were both extremely busy, which again gave us the excuse to eat unhealthy, processed foods and fast food frequently.  Before we knew it we had both put on weight.  I had gained about 18 pounds since we started dating and Bill had put on about 60 pounds.  
On July 28th, 2012 we had our first daughter together and during my pregnancy I changed the way I was eating because I wanted to give my baby the best start she could possibly have.  After I had her I found it harder to resist the unhealthy foods we had in the house and the convenience of stopping to get fast food.  I was breast feeding and tried to eat right, but if there was junk available in our house I didn't always have the willpower to resist it.  I kept going out and buying healthy food when I did the grocery shopping, but then Bill would buy a lot of processed and frozen dinners that were fast and easy to cook whenever he did the shopping.  For a while he was  couponing and stocking up on this stuff (too bad most coupons are for unhealthy food).  
One day I was getting on yahoo to check my email and I saw Drew's story.  I was immediately intrigued and couldn't believe he was willing to go through such a challenge to help people learn to live a healthier lifestyle.  I watched the videos he posted of his food challenges and watched the weekly weigh-ins; then I checked every Saturday to see how he was progressing.  Drew intrigued me, and I looked at his meal plans and grocery list as he posted them.  I told my husband about what he was doing and showed him several of the videos to try and convince him that we should follow the #teamDrew plan.  For a while he said he didn't want to change what he was eating because he "liked the food and that nothing healthy ever tastes good".  He said he would just "start exercising, but not change what he was eating".  However, he was almost tipping the scale at 260, which became the breaking point and changed his mind.  He started eating healthy and gave away the foods we were no longer going to eat. Ever since, we have been following Drew's program.  We love the spinach shake; I still can't believe that my husband actually likes it, especially since he never really would eat any vegetables other than broccoli.  We made Drew's Chinese "Fried" Rice recipe and he loves that too, even though he doesn't even like Cauliflower!  We have been exercising and eating healthy for 2 1/2 months now.  My husband started at 257 and is down to 224.  I started at 142, and I am now 125.  We actually crave good food now and have stuck strictly to healthy eating.
Thank you so much Drew for helping us discover this healthy lifestyle.  We can now set a great example for our 8 month old daughter and will have the energy to keep up with her.  Our lives before consisted of working, completing our degrees, and taking care of our baby girl.  We would watch movies during most of our free time.  Now we get up every morning at around 4:30am so we can fit in our workout together.  During our free time we are out enjoying the beautiful weather and taking 3-6 mile walks with our baby strapped to our chest.  We are even beginning to run with the goal of running a marathon one day!  My husband has decided to get back in the Navy as an officer in a few months when he finishes his bachelor's degree.  This wouldn't even be possible if it wasn't for our lifestyle change.  I can't thank you enough for what you have done to inspire so many people.