Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

JC, from Coquitlam, BC Canada first submitted his success story back in April 2012.  He had already lost 70 lbs by then.  Since then he has lost an additional 31 lbs for a grand total of 101 lbs!!!!!

Here is JC's story:

“I don’t have an emotional story on how I got to where I was nor do I turn to food to make me feel better; I just loved to eat… the wrong foods unfortunately. My Chilean background doesn’t help either, we South Americans love our asados (BBQs)!

Over the last ten years my weight has been steadily climbing and even though I had made attempts to losing weight I always found myself gaining it back and I was always left pondering several months later:- “What if I had stuck to it… where would I be now”. At my heaviest I was about 310lbs (140kg)and still somewhat active, but my weight was always keeping back from enjoying my favorite activities to the fullest. I scuba dive, hike and ski and always wanted to get into mountain biking but been over 300lbs kind of kept me on the sidelines. After seeing some pictures of myself last summer and dreading going to the doctor only to find out that I might be diabetic and had to go on medication or something even worse, I realized that I had to do something… immediately.

I began my journey back to fit at the end of September 2011 and until I found your website in October, I had already lost 13lbs(6kg). Let me tell you “Stumbling” upon your site was one of the best things that could have happened to me. So now it’s been 5 months and I have lost about 60lbs(27kg) since I started following you; 73lbs(33kg) since September. WOW! what a difference it has made. I sleep better, I barely snore and now my wife doesn’t have to wear earplugs. I feel great, I can ski better my balance and flexibility have improved and most importantly I feel healthy. My only problem now is that I have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Last weekend I ran in the Vancouver Sun Run (10km) representing Team Drew and my time was 59min; 5 months ago I would have died running around the block…hahaha.

I’m so grateful for what you have started here and for your commitment to all of us. If I had to sum up this journey in one word, I would say it has been “Liberating”. I cannot thank you guys enough for showing us the path to a healthier lifestyle."

A recent photo of JC working out and staying fit even while camping: