Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

It's amazing to know that this message about changing our "lifestyle" by becoming healthy has even gone overseas! This follower from Australia has become inspired and now wants to share what he has learned through his journey from 209 lbs (95kg) to 165 lbs (75kg) with others by becoming a personal trainer.

Everyone meet Peter from Australia:

BEFORE 209 lbs (95kg) (Nov. 2011):                                                         AFTER 165 lbs (75kg) (Apr. 2012)

Here's Peter's story:

I'm 44, and have been unfit since around 2001, coming to the place where I was 95kg (209lbs) when I started in November last year (height, BTW, is 5'7" - 172cm, so my "ideal" weight should be 72-75kgs, which is 158-165lbs). So an excess of 20kgs (44lbs).  For those who like a few more numbers - I've gone from 101.6cm (40") waist to 81cm (32"), and 109.2cm (43") hips to 94cm (37"). A few people knew about what I was doing when I started with Drew, but it didn't start to become noticeable till around February. I was involved in a weekend mentoring retreat, and one of the topics covered was the importance of fitness - and out of a group of 20, there were only about 2 or 3 of us who were obviously living the lifestyle. We had early morning workouts from 6am on both days, and people started to comment about how "threatening" I looked, as in someone who was obviously quite fit. So to defuse that, and encourage them, I started to tell them about my journey, and how 5 months ago, I was 20kgs heavier, and a complete stranger to any sort of exercise. After showing them my before photos, they were blown away, and wanted to know how to do it - I explained the nutritional principals I've learned from Drew, highlighting that it's more important than the exercising, then telling them about So many people were pointed to this website, and hopefully encouraged to start their own journey! A few of them then asked if I'd considered becoming a personal trainer - which I hadn't in my wildest dreams; at some level, I still thought of myself as the person before starting this journey. Anyway, after coming back, I mentioned this to my wife, who excitedly said that she thought I'd be a good personal trainer (due to my people-skills), so I made some inquiries, enrolled in a course, and in two weeks time, start my course to become qualified as a Personal Trainer (which I will complete around October, I think). So not only has this journey transformed me personally (emotionally as much as physically), it now has the potential to impact so many others in what I hope is a successful, enjoyable career. I already have two clients lined up (who I will use as my first "test" cases once I become qualified). Thank you Drew for giving me the motivation and the information to know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and in doing so, be confident to encourage others to make the same journey I've made from fat2fit.