Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

Motivation comes in different forms for different people. For this follower, her journey began after seeing the effects that unhealthy food had on her child/family.

Everyone meet Cobye from Mesquite, Texas:

BEFORE (May 2011):                                                          DURING (March 2012):

Here is Cobye's story: In my youth I was average size, and led a pretty active lifestyle. Then, during my first pregnancy 12 years ago I took the term "eating for two" literally! I had gained 64 pounds. I was so depressed with myself and how I looked. In between having my other 4 children I would gain weight (of course over the 25 pound the Dr. recommends) and only lose about 20 pounds after giving birth. I would look at old pictures and think "I wish I could go back to that, but it's impossible." Little did I know my wake-up call was coming. During my last pregnancy I had some health issues, one being Gestational Diabetes. I was on a very strict diet and had to take medication. It was the first pregnancy I only gained 25 pounds and had an average size baby, no extra weight needed. My Dr. said I really needed to lose weight since now I was at risk for Type 2 Diabetes. A year went by and I still had not lost the extra weight. During last spring we were doing some remodeling at our home and I was unable to cook, so eating fast food became a regular occurrence. In one month of eating fast food my child's clothes didn't seem to fit him. At his check-up he had gained 13 pounds in one month! I was horrified! It's one thing for me to be overweight, but not my children. I knew I had to make changes. So I sat down, did some research, and came up with a meal plan that would benefit my entire family. Our journey for our new "Lifestyle" began June 2011. My weight at that time was 196 lbs, my goal130 lbs. The first 3 months were the hardest for me, giving up the bad carbs, processed and sugary foods. But as time went by I was getting used to eating healthier. I noticed a change after only a few months! At this point I had lost a total of 30 pounds, and 10 inches around my waist. Within those few months my son was back in his clothes and at his original healthy weight! In October 2011 a friend on Facebook posted a youtube video about a man who was gaining weight on purpose, and that man was Drew Manning. After reading all of Drew's info, looking at his videos and pictures I was so surprised and honored that this man was doing this to show everyone a better way of life. And that by eating right, and having the proper exercise you could literally transform your body. I also thought how brave he was to do this to his body and go through all of these changes just to help us. I looked forward to every week to see what new recipe would be posted, what progress he would make, and his funny "ah ha moments!" Since then I have started seeing a personal trainer, going by Lynn's meal plan, and using the workouts that are posted, and I have lost 25 more pounds and 4 more inches around my waist. That makes a total loss of 55 pounds and 14 inches around my waist! I feel more energetic, I am less tired, and I have less migraines. My whole outlook has changed on being fit and healthy and I am actually addicted to working out! Seeing those results gives me more motivation to keep going. I am 15 pounds away from my goal and only have 4 inches more to lose around my waist. I didn't think i would ever get here, but I made it! All of us together can do this, we can make these changes that will last a lifetime! I want to thank Drew and Lynn for everything they have both done to educate us. Taking the time to post meals, workouts, pictures, and putting so much information they can to help motivate us. Not a lot of people would do this just to help others and i think everyone at "Team Drew" admire and are truly grateful for all your hard work! Keep up the good work Drew, we are all looking forward to the big reveal and support you 100%!