Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

It's good to have the support from the one's you love as you're making a lifestyle change.  Whether it's a friend, co-worker, family member, or in this follower's case a spouse... try to find a support system!

Everyone meet Jason from Decatur, Alabama:

WEEK 1 (JAN 2, 2012):                                      WEEK 12 (MAR 25, 2012):

Weight/Waist/Hips-255 lbs/47.5"/44.25"                 Weight/Waist/Hips-197 lbs/39.5"/37.75"

Here is Jason's story from his and his wife's perspective: Hey Drew!! My name is Jason Sheets. I am 28 years old and live in Decatur, Alabama. It feels so weird to write you because although we have never met, I feel like we are close. I wanted to start by saying thank you for what you and your wife Lynn are doing for myself and so many other people just like me.  I found out about you from someone at my work talking about you during your fit2fat stage and wondering if you would actually be able to lose the weight you gained. Once I got home to look at your site I was so intrigued and amazed that someone would do this, and I became hooked.  I started genuinely following you on January 2nd and have lost 57 pounds so far and gone down 3 pant sizes.  It was so motivating to see you weigh in each week and see your progress compared to mine, not just the final results of someone fit (like so many other plans out there).  It has been a great help to feel like I’m doing this with you instead of just seeing someone at their goal and trying to be like them.  I have never been more motivated to do something or been so committed in my life.  I have never eaten healthy before and the problem with starting a diet was I didn’t know how to eat like I should, but thanks to you now I do.  As you say, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle and I can say that is correct. Now that I know what to eat and how to eat I find myself wanting those things and not wanting the things I used to (Burgers, fries, and soda). I have debated about sending this to you for a while, normally I am a shy reserved person but I finally decided that you did this for people like me so I wanted to do my part and at least say thank you to you and your wife.  Thanks for everything!! I’m Rebecca, Jason’s wife, and I wanted to also write and basically say thank you.  I’ve watched Jason struggle with his lack of confidence and self-esteem for years while feeling helpless because no matter what I said or did it never improved.  He was so excited when he found your story and I’ve never seen him so motivated about anything before.  You and your wife have inspired both of us to live better and I am so thankful that now, my husband has a level of confidence that I have never seen!  Instead of avoiding mirrors I catch him checking himself out when he walks by one  (Sorry babe, you’re busted!). Thanks for taking the time to post every video, meal plan, workout and everything you do, it has changed our lives and we deeply appreciate everything you do!