Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

Here is an update of Natalie's progress.  Since we spotlighted her back in March 2012, she's lost an additional 18 lbs!

Here's a few more inspiring words from Natalie:

Hello fit2fat2fit followers! I wanted to let you in on my update! In the last eight months I’ve lost a total of 70 lbs and 14” in my waist! I started at 223 lbs and am currently at 153 lbs! I went from size 18 jeans to wearing a size 5! I have never been this small or weighed this little in my adult life. My self-confidence, strength, and flexibility are at an all time high! I feel great! I’ve even been told that my skin has a healthy glow! Changing my lifestyle has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made; because of the positive effects those changes have had on my life! 

#teamdrew, please remember that you are capable of change and self care even if you are a busy mom (or parent ;) with a bunch of kids! I believe in you! YOU CAN DO IT!

FROM 3/29/12:

I am excited to spotlight another #TeamDrew success story.  Natalie's story will really hit home with a lot of Moms out there and inspire all of us to continue on with this journey back to fit. Remember, we're all on this journey together!

Everyone meet Natalie from Fort Wayne, Indiana:

BEFORE (11/13/11 - 223 lbs!)    AFTER (3/29/12 - 171 lbs!)

Here is Natalie's story:

During my 3rd pregnancy I gained an excessive amount of weight and was up to 223 lbs and my size 16 jeans were too small. My knees and back ached, and I couldn't even make it up the stairs without getting winded. Last fall I had a friend call & tell me about how she saw Drew on a morning talk show talking about his journey from Fit2Fat2Fit. I looked up the program, found the blog, & immediately started following Drew on Facebook & Twitter. Drew, your ambition was stunning & what you were willing to put yourself through was truly amazing. So many of us unwillingly subject ourselves to becoming obese, but you were doing it intentionally to  an guide an entire nation. That is aspirational. I have enjoyed Fit2Fat2Fit's inspiring meal ideas and especially the shopping lists. I also really appreciated the series on how Drew has actually spent less on healthy foods than processed junk and fast food! I always thought it was too expensive to buy produce. Turns out, it's not! Our food bill has gone down since our family has changed our eating habits. I have been VERY strict about my nutrition plan. I do NO cheat meals and no sugar and minimal to almost no processed food. I eat as many veggies, fruits, and beans as I desire, limited nuts & seeds, and I do one whole grain daily. I also consume no meat, diary, or gluten. I feel terrific & the most energized that I ever have in my life. This coupled with exercise has brought upon tremendous results. The workout plans have been extremely helpful, too. I have a love/hate relationship with burpees (I'm not up to 8 minutes yet, Drew ;) & love knowing that I can finish workouts that a trainer is developing! I do the home workouts, and enjoy how I am able to focus on my own body see how transformation is happening. Oh, oh, I almost forgot! I have also found ways to work out with the baby & a toddler! I put the baby down for a nap or in the walker & my toddler often does a version of the workout with me or watches cartoons. I love that my children are seeing me be active & exercising so that they know that it is a normal part of everyday life. Since 11/13/11 I've lost 7 inches in my waist & 52 lbs. I have been eating healthy, exercising daily, & thinking positively about my body & believe that I can achieve my goal of being fit & thin for the 1st time in my life. I've never been smaller than a size 9 jeans & 155 lbs. I'm currently 171 lbs & am wearing a size 7 jeans. I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. This city is considered one of the most obese city's in the nation. That in itself has been a set back, because there fast food chains at what seems like every turn. Some of the other set backs I have faced were my internal "tapes". You know those voices that play nasty, rude, and demeaning phrases that tell you that you are worthless, fat, & can't achieve anything. Well, I had to overcome all the junk I was carrying internally about how I  was built thick, was a big girl, big boned, and couldn't be thin because of my genetics. Another huge set back was being addicted to sugar. The first week of changing our lifestyle, my husband and I cut all sugar from our diet. We detoxified all of the sugar out of our systems, and we haven't indulged in hfcs, white sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, etc since. I was a slave to sugar & sweets, and I could never eat enough of them. I am so thankful to have released myself from that prison. I now am able to taste the sweetness of an orange and truly enjoy the diverse flavors of fruit and veggies for the first time in my life. My community, friends, and dear husband have been extremely supportive of my weightloss and my goals. I walk (while wearing the baby & pushing the toddler in a stroller) with friends or my husband for an alternative to sitting around eating, and when we do share a meal, my friends and my husband have been open minded about my healthy meal choices, and while I've been losing weight my husband has also lost 40 lbs. His support and working with me (not against me) has been a tremendous asset to me achieving my dreams. Ladies, it is possible to lose that baby weight! You are not destined to be obese, because you have had children! You can eat right & workout with them in your life and even at home right there with you!

Thanks again, Drew! You deserve a big Midwest hug & a high five! #teamdrew #yay!