Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

For those that missed my earlier blog I will be spotlighting at least one follower every week. For me, all of your stories and transformations are inspiring and I am thrilled at your willingness to share them with others! So let me introduce you to all to a fellow #TeamDrew follower:


BEFORE PHOTOS (December 17, 2011):

AFTER PHOTOS (February 17, 2012):

Here is Ryan's experience following the journey back to fit after just 2 months: "Dude I can't thank you enough for what you have done thru your website. I have lost 29 pounds and gone down 3 pant sizes in a little over 2 months. I hope you realize because of your site the joy it brings someone who for the first time is happy with themselves (me). It was hard dealing with hunger pains at first but managed to fight through them. It's given me a whole new outlook on life! It's boosted my confidence, its made me feel better about myself more than ever before. I can run outside without my shirt on and not have to worry about traumatizing my neighbors. (haha) I can't believe from a health standpoint how awesome I feel! I have energy like I've never had before, I've got my metabolism tweaked to where I feel I can just go and go and with 4 kids I needed that! I've noticed I don't get sick like I used to either. With 4 kids, I was always coming down with something but since eating right and exercising... It's stopped.. Crazy!! This has been a life change for me!! People around me say it's created a "new me" and I've never been happier in my life. I still catch myself pulling my shirt out to avoid my belly showing and realizing now I don't have to!! :) We have our own Lil community in Grandview Texas in love with the spinach shakes. Thanks so much!" Thanks Ryan for sharing your inspiring story with us! Keep up the great work man.  Anyone else that is interested in sharing your success so far following this journey to becoming healthy, please email me at!