Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

I am excited to spotlight another #TeamDrew success story.  Matt's story really hits home with a lot of people out there who used to be fit "back in the day" and then life happened.  But we all CAN make that true lifestyle change that it requires to get back 2Fit!!!

Everyone meet Matthew from Philadelphia, PA:

BEFORE: 195 lbs (November 2011)    AFTER:172 lbs (March 2012)

Here's a few words from Matthew and his journey back to fit:

"I was always in shape growing up and then I let booze and pizza get the best of me.  I continued to workout over the years, however, one missed session lead to two and so on.  Not to mention, my diet progressively got worse.  I had a great run of eating whatever I wanted, but was always disappointed that I didn't look like I used to.  I started following Drew in November when he started his Fat2Fit stage and have combined his workouts with other fitness classes and am in the best shape I've been in in a long time.  I'm still able to enjoy drinking, pizza, and sweets from time to time....I just do it in moderation now."

"The greatest improvement I've seen is just my general attitude about going to the gym.  Before, I was often bored and just went through the motions every time I was there.  Workout routines were always the same, I hated going, and didn't feel like I was getting any results.  Now, I genuinely look forward to working out. It's became a hobby again as opposed to a chore.  I enjoy the challenge of seeing how far I can push myself and noticing my improvements.  It's also a good feeling now that my cardio has increased so much.  I can get through workouts and still have a lot of energy whereas before I was getting blown up within the first five minutes. It's a nice confidence boost which gives me extra motivation.  Thanks for the inspiration/meal plans/workouts.  It feels good to be back in shape and I look forward to continue improving."