A Healthy Dessert....Gone Bad

Lynn and I had an interesting cooking experience today.  My wife (who gets far too many cheat meals because she's not trying to lose weight... not like I'm counting or anything babe) was having a craving for something sweet, so we decided to experiment with some "healthier" dessert recipes.  We found an interesting one called "no-bake peanut butter cookies". I've had these in the past and absolutely loved them.  The pictures of them made our mouths water. Lynn, being the supportive wife she is, tried to "substitute" some (well... almost all) ingredients for healthier alternatives in hopes that I would be able to have some.  For example she used: unsweetened coconut flakes instead of oats, stevia instead of sugar, unsweetened coconut milk instead of milk, natural peanut butter instead of normal peanut butter, etc.  Little did we know that substituting these things would drastically change the thought of what a no-bake peanut butter cookie would or should taste like.  The consistency looked "off", but I felt confident the taste would still be good. Luckily my wife took the first bite and spit it straight out. "YUCKKKK!!!" is the first thing she said after washing the taste out of her mouth with the first thing she could find. The bitter taste was horrible (most likely from the stevia). Knowing that her taste buds are a bit more particular then I, I took a bite as well thinking she must've been exaggerating. Nope. Awful. Just glad it wasn't a recipe that I had to pretend to like since she told me it was gross before I took a bite. So, one bite of "no bake disaster cookies" as we'll now call them and we had lost our appetites. We aren't craving anything sweet at the moment. Blessing in disguise maybe?! Yes, I will admit that most "normal" recipes (those that use real butter, real eggs, real sugar, real flour) sometimes taste way better, but it's important to remember what is most important.....our healthy lifestyle. So eat these in moderation, and yes....experiment with some healthy recipes out there.  There are some that are probably delicious and my wife said she now has a desire to try several to find one worth sharing with everyone!