Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

Remember, every Saturday until my reveal in June I'll be spotlighting a #teamdrew follower instead of my weekly progress photos and videos.  This allows me to spotlight you, your stories, and your success from following this new lifestyle.  Here is this week's spotlight. Ramy Dobia from San Diego, CA: AFTER (on the left) and BEFORE (on the right): Here is Ramy's story:
My name is Ramy (age 31years old). I have been over weight most of my life. I started to really work on my weight when the scale hit 310lbs, realizing how big I'd gotten. I started to worry if I would ever get myself out of this mess I got myself into! On August 2010 I started to hit the gym.  I would do straight cardio for a good one hour, but the results were not as efficient as I wanted them to be. The process was extremely slow and I almost wanted to give up. That is until one night as I was watching Jay Leno and saw an interested subject "A man gaining weight to prove a point' that person of course is my "hero" Drew! Right after that I started to read more about his ability and goals. I fell in love with the idea and took him serious, as if he was there with me everyday! 
Three months into this program I got down to 229lbs and counting. My goal is to reach 195lbs. I believe I will make it just like he will, though it may not be in June it will be sometime this year. Life is good and colorful.