I started to recount the following story to my wife thinking she would be somewhat shocked, but instead she just laughed, then smiled and said, "Yup, I felt the same way watching you suffer in the beginning.."... hmmm... Last week I was trying not to puke while finishing up my 8 minutes of burpees, when in walked in an old friend who came promptly over to say hello. It was an old client to be exact. As he walked over to me, I gave him the old "head-nod-because-I'm-too-exhausted-to-speak-or-I'll-puke" kind of "What's up?".  He could obviously tell I was in pain.  He said a few words, and then just stood there.  I noticed he wasn't moving and the closer I looked, I could see a big smile on his face.  I was a bit puzzled by this until he uttered two words......"Payback, man".  We both kind of laughed and I could tell he was actually getting satisfaction out of watching me suffer. I'm sure he was imagining my smug expression as I pushed him through his grueling workouts just a few month prior. Sure, I enjoyed watching my clients suffer (a few did actually puke) but I felt justified in this enjoyment as I "knew it was for their own good". I think I'd react a little different now-a-days! Obviously, I can't do a full 8 minutes of non-stop burpees, so I took a break to say what's up to an old friend.  It was pretty cool to get his perspective seeing me struggling through some of the same workouts I had him do back in the day. I told him this was going in a blog post to show my disgust at his vengeful attitude. Just kidding, I figured what goes around comes around and I'm just glad I could give someone (or possibly a dozen patrons at the gym) a good laugh.