Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

For those that missed my earlier blog I will be spotlighting at least one follower every week. For me, all of your stories and transformations are inspiring and I am thrilled at your willingness to share them with others! I wanted to spotlight a woman this week (since we spotlighted a man last week), but surprisingly (cough, cough #sarcasm) the women are a little more shy. There are a few in the "works" that said they will be ready soon. I made a comment to my wife along the lines of "true to form, always making us men wait.".... to which she replied "Yes, but we're always WORTH the wait." Very true, hopefully next week we'll be spotlighting our first female follower. However, we were really impressed with the following transformation and are excited to share his story. So let me introduce you to all to a fellow #TeamDrew follower:




Here is Alan's inspiring story (It's a bit long, but DEFINITELY worth reading):

"In September of last year, a good friend of mine died of a heart attack.  The world is worse off without him.  We would joke back and forth about our weight, commiserate as only two fat guys could.  His death was a wakeup call. I was in good physical shape when I married my wife 10 years ago, but with each of her pregnancies (we have four gorgeous girls), I would sympathize too much, gaining with her the baby weight, but then never losing it post pregnancy as she did!  I weighed 205 lbs when we married.  When my buddy died last year, I weighed 281.  After his untimely death, I immediately started to watch what I ate, tried to be more active, lost the easy first 10 lbs.  In November, now two months into this attempt, I was struggling.  I started to gain that weight back.  I had no real plan in place to help me continue with what I started, and the old lifestyle of passive activity and late night ice cream was looking better and better.  That is when I was introduced for the first time to Fit2Fat2Fit.  Just in time to start in real time with you.  I had tried weight loss programs before.  It typically involved food combinations, cleanses, etc.  Nothing that could honestly translate into a fundamental change of lifestyle.  Never made a long term impact.  I would lose the easy ten, then yo-yo back up to even heavier than when I started.   Your approach was different.  It was honest.  It addressed real concerns.  It involved real foods.  It was something that was hard, but it was something that I could “continue,’ if that makes sense.  The Fit2Fat2Fit emphasis was not on the physical appearance, but rather on the improvement of the quality of life.  This appealed to me.  I weighed in last Saturday at 224.  57lbs. The photos attached only show the last 35.  I didn’t even think to take a picture when I first started, because at that time, I didn’t think it would really happen, that I would final do it.  When I finally took the “before” photo, my head had changed.  At that point, I knew I was going to lose that weight.  Fit2Fat2Fit provided that confidence.  I have about 10-15 more pounds to go.   I am not done, but the return on investment has already begun.  I am a better dad.  I relish, rather than avoid, opportunities to play outside with my kids.  I am a better husband.  I have energy to contribute to the household chores that come with a big family, rather than trying to justify sitting on the couch after a day at work.  Thank you for your assistance with this transformation.  #teamdrew"    


**UPDATE** Alan just sent in new photos and is now down to 201 lbs and finished 4th in the Clydesdale Division at the San Diego Olympic Triathlon recently!!!