Month 3 of Fat2Fit in Review

It’s hard to believe that ¾ of a year ago, I started my journey from Fat2Fit2Fat.  It’s even more frightening to know that I only have 3 more months to continue to lose this weight!  But the progress is palpable, and I’m getting there!  Only 13 weeks left to go until my yearlong journey of Fit2Fat2Fit will be over.  Here's my review of month 3 of Fat2Fit from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective....and  a few funny "A Ha" Moments.


  • Believe it or not, I only lost 1" off my waist this entire month for a total of 8” lost so far (judging from the statistics below, I carry my weight in other places…)
  • 1.5 inches lost in my hips for a total of 6.5” lost so far (luckily, it doesn’t effect my ability to still pull off an ugly Macarena…whew)
  • 8 lbs. lost this past month for a total of 40 lbs lost so far (My wife bought 40 lbs worth of Zingers and threw them on the table to give me a better perspective.. or to torture me.. still not sure which one.)
  • Energy level is still around a 8 out of 10 (my wife has openly started to question if the 8/10 applies to my level of proper cleaning)
  • Did I mention my I don't have chaffing issues anymore?  (or can you just not hear me howling in pain from all corners of the Earth?)
  • The workouts are still kicking my butt.  Just when I thought I was in shape, I brilliantly decided to add 8 minutes of "burpees" to my workouts and thought I was going to die (everyone needs a reminder of the old adage “so close, yet so far…”)
  • My wife informed me that my "bedroom abilities and stamina" have dramatically improved. I noticed she writes a number down afterwards between 1 and 10.  I think I saw an 8 the other day (I feel like a Russian gymnast trying to nail the compulsory program)


  • I feel like I have a little bit more confidence at the gym. (When I wear my "Personal Trainer" shirt at the gym I don't feel like people are looking at my like they would a "skinny chef")
  • It's tough when my wife has more "cheat/treat" meals than me (she likes to remind me it's easier to maintain weight then to lose it) and when she asks me to pick up a diet soda for her (what she had for a treat last weekend) at the grocery store and I have to deal with the ice cold Mountain Dews and Zingers calling my name while I'm in the check out line.
  • My wife was baking a cake for a girl's night and I found it almost impossible to stay out of the kitchen. I will also admit that I asked her at least twice if I could have a piece. Luckily she flat out said "No, it's for girl's night you can't." (I feel a little sheepish that I may have cheated but mentally I don't do quite as well with cravings now that I've been to the other side…but it’s not so bad.  I mean, it’s not like I steal my kid’s snacks anymore.)


  • The confidence levels are a lot better these days, especially when my wife let me know that she couldn't see anymore "cottage cheese" on my butt.  Huge milestone. (I’ll ignore the fact that I had to see for myself in the mirror…)
  • Emotionally, it's awesome being able to keep up with my 2 year old playing soccer or being able to run with her or throw her in the air without my triceps hurting afterwards or being able to carry both of my girls in my arms. (Not feeling like a dead beat Dad anymore)
  • It was a huge milestone for me to be able to fit into an old pair of jeans.  It felt better than going out and buying a new pair of jeans.  (Yes, I know this sounds a lot like something a Woman/Mom would say.)

This Month’s “A Ha!” Moments

  • Clipping my toenails without having to suck in my gut and come up for air. Weird how much joy something so small can bring. (stranger still was the dance I did that made my wife leave the room in embarrassment)
  • I think by "seeing" improvements in my body (i.e. fitting into my old jeans, etc) help motivate me even more. I realize now how often when we hit plateaus it's hard to plow through because it's the results that keep us going when we feel down.
  • It was awesome being at the gym and seeing someone I didn't know doing my workouts. To see how this process has helped other people/benefited other people really keeps my spirits up (then again, give them a month and they’ll start coaching me on my form…)
  • It's different creating workouts for you versus a client. When I would create one for a client I'd think "Oh they can work through this.. It’ll be good for them." When I do it for myself and KNOW how tough it'll be I think, "Holy crap. This is going to be brutal.. What was I thinking?!"

My wife keeps telling me she sees the "old me" more and more each day. I think this is the first month on my journey back to fit that I'm feeling a bit more like the "old me" too.  3 more months to go…