New Wardrobe......Kinda!

There are certain experiences that I have always thought were reserved for women.
Some were obviously physical – my wife reminds me twice a month that she, not I,
gave birth to our children and had to survive labor. Some were emotional – I can’t
say that I ever teared up after a good book, or wept into a Kleenex after a sad movie.
Yet, if I were making a list of “female” oriented things that I’d eventually experience,
the skinny jeans experience would have been at the bottom of my list.

Yet, here I am, sharing my own skinny jeans moment.

January 23, 2012 ended up being a very big milestone for me. I had lost around 35
lbs. during this fat2fit journey, and I thought to myself, "I wonder if any of my old
jeans fit now?" So, I went to try on one of the bigger ones from my "fit" days. By
some unexplained miracle I was able to get those jeans on and even button them.
Sure, I had to “suck it in” and do a few well placed hops to get them on, but once the
button was secured, my breathing returned to normal.

This made me feel great. Even though I can’t fit into any other jeans, now I don’t
have to wear the same 2 pair of jeans that I wore at my biggest weight. Those jeans
had become so loose on me that if I didn’t have a belt on they would fall down to my
ankles without fail (which entertained my wife to no end) and with the belt they
were so bunched together it looked like I was wearing clown pants (which, again,
entertained Lynn a little too much).

So it’s been 2 days that I’ve been able to wear these same jeans and they might be
a bit stretched out now. But I’ll take it as a victory. The only hard part is when I
have to sit down in them, like in the car for example. It feels like they could burst at
any moment and I could have one of those moments from the Subway commercials
where the button pops off from the person eating greasy fast food and break
something. But it’s so worth it.

When I explained my skinny jeans moment, my wife simply nodded. She shared
that my reaction is something most women (post-pregnancy) experience when
they can finally get back into their old jeans. As an extra dose of true love, she even
complimented my “muffin top”.

I must admit, when I signed up for this journey, I didn’t quite have that on my bucket
list of “must try moments”. Yet, I think my wife did…