Most Memorable Fit2Fat2Fit Moments of 2011

New Year’s.  A time of reflection of previous experiences, and commitments to the next year.  As everyone knows, my “Resolution” was made on November 5th – and I still have over 4 months of my fit stage to go.  But the journey so far also has produced some of the more memorable experiences of my life.  My wife and I were reflecting on some of the more “interesting” ones – some of which, months later, I’m still not so proud to relive.  So we start 2012 with a stroll down the Fit2Fat2Fit memory lane. Some of the memories from this journey were funny, others sad, while most are just big “ah ha” moments for me. It was rather difficult, but I limited this to JUST my “Top 10”: 10. My wife should know better – don’t give me challenges.  It targets my competitive genes, and results in me “over-accomplishing”.  I remember when she said I couldn’t allow myself to gain 20 lbs. in a single month.  After I did much more, she laughed, I gloated, and then privately wept into my unused weight set. 9. I’ll never look at my local KFC the same.  Maybe it was the “meat sweats”, or the random stranger that became my first official “onlooker”, but the cartoon Colonel on the wall came to life.  And mocked me for my Food Challenge failure.  I still wake up in a cold sweat when he visits my dreams. 8. When I finally looked my wife in the eye and said “Yes honey, I am addicted to Mountain Dew and Cinnamon Toast Crunch”.  Followed quickly by an eye roll that said “thank you, Captain Obvious!” 7. Being one bite short of my famous Fuddrucker’s Challenge.  That, and my complete ignorance of my own lactose intolerance. 6. Winning (at least, I’ve convinced myself that I won) two victories while at the grocery store – first, a staring contest with judgmental onlookers.  The second, overcoming my fear of coupons.  I think psychiatrists call it “Saveaphobia” or something… 5. Every man comes to a time in his life when he accepts the fact that puberty has struck.  Ah, the memories when my moment came – long after I’d turned 30, and had inherited a bulging gut.  For my wife, it was like a scene out of Lord of the Flies.  Goodbye, manscaping! 4. As a personal trainer, I used to push people to vomit in their first workouts.  After I’d gained over 65 lbs., the joke was apparently on me when I started working out again.  Goodbye couch.  Hello shame. 3. I haven’t been seriously afraid very many times in my life.  But the thought that I found a stretch mark, and my “overindulgence” with my wife’s stretch mark cream?  Freddy Krueger has nothing on me… 2. Hitting rock bottom – a dark, lonely, depressing place that I never thought I’d find. 1. My FIRST and LAST food challenge (I realize these are two experiences but I’m checking and counting them as one big moment…the start and finish to a rather crazy 6 month journey).  And just ignore the fact that I failed at the same challenge – twice.  I still maintain it was my wife’s fault.  Love you babe!