Month 2 of Fat2Fit in Review

You know, when I signed up for marriage, I thought that pleasing my wife would be about the big things.  I had a firm vision of a running tab with a local florist, countless boxes of chocolate (even though it went against everything in my fitness world), and more “Honey Do” projects than you could shake a stick at. Little did I know that my harmless seeming project of gaining and then losing weight in six-month increments, would provide so many moments of “interest” in my marriage.  I won’t lie – the gaining of 70+ pounds didn’t really endear her to me.  I inherited enough bad habits (and sleep killing noises) that I’m sure she was looking for excellent divorce lawyers. Yet here, in my Month 2 review of my fat2fit journey, I think I’m starting to earn some brownie points.  Yet, sadly it has nothing to do with flowers or chocolates.  I don’t think I’m actually “doing” anything different…it’s the things I’m no longer doing that seem to be raking in the marriage points. Let’s dive in, as I happily share this month’s physical, mental, and emotional changes. Physical
  • Another 3.5 inches lost in my waist for a total of 7” lost so far (I’m already planning to frame my “fat jeans” to commemorate the journey)
  • 2 inches lost in my hips for a total of 5” lost so far (and with it, I’ve lost my ability – or perceived ability – to perform intricate Latin dances)
  • 12 lbs. lost this past month for a total of 32 lbs lost so far (that’s the equivalent of five “5 lb. brisket challenges” – the thought of that piled up makes me realize there isn’t enough applesauce in the entire world…if you’re confused, relive the good old days here)
  • Energy level has increased to a 8 out of 10 (just ask my wife – wink, wink)
  • I’m happy to report that not only has my chaffing gone down, I haven’t had to buy any of those products anymore.  I can actually get through a 30-minute cardio workout without having to worry about being in that kind of pain anymore (this is the first victory for the wife – she’s clearly happy that she now spends more on “upkeep” products than her husband.  Little does she know I steal her lotion all the time because my skin has never been softer…oh, wait)
  • I notice that walking up stairs doesn’t hurt like it used to and its much easier bending over to tie my shoes or clip my toenails (again, a present for the wife…I  think it’s been a good month since I “knifed” her with my overgrown nails…I’m a giver)
  • My wife informed me the other day that I don’t snore anymore (strange that the morning after this turn of events that she actually used the word “love” again…hmmmm)
  • I can’t say that I’m addicted to working out like I used to be, but I definitely look forward to it more than I did when I started back in December (my wife claims the addiction will be back before I know it – she’s thinking of personalizing a “cot” for my use at the gym with the Fit2Fat2Fit logo on it)
  • It was tough getting through the Holidays during this stage.  Even though I allowed myself a cheat meal these days, it was tough with all the good food that was around (that, and I could have challenged Santa to a cookie eating contest)
  • The cravings are still there, but I noticed that when I’m at home they’re not that bad unless I watch one of those fast food commercials where the food is in slow motion and it looks amazing (and NO, my wife hasn’t caught me trying to do the same slow motion move as I cook my fajita chicken…no, I would never…)
  • Other than that my home is my safe zone, since I can control what I have in my house.  It’s when I’m at the grocery store or gas station or hospital where I can’t control what’s in front of me (My wife has finally agreed to let me make our house like E.T. – big bubble and all.  Yet only AFTER I stopped snoring.  Again, hmmm…)
  • The self-consciousness is still there, but my man boobs have definitely reduced in size.  Yet just when I’m feeling confident, my wife will tell me something like “You still have cottage cheese on your butt.”  (She’s a keeper!)
  • I feel like I’m in a better mood, more optimistic, better outlook on life in general, and more willing to help out than in the past (I’m slightly fearful, however, when my wife then states, “you have a lot to make up for.”  It’s not the words – it’s the evil glint in her eyes)
  • Having more energy helps me feel better as a dad.  I can keep up with my 2 year old a lot better and a lot longer to keep her happy (she complains that I took away her trampoline, though, and points to my stomach…moving right along…)
  • I’m a little bit more confident now wearing my T-Shirt that says “Personal Trainer” on the back at the gym since I’ve slimmed down.  (Nothing says Personal Trainer like being 72 lbs overweight)
This Month’s “A Ha!” Moments
  • Back when I was fit, I never got nearly as many compliments about how good I looked compared to now (Even though I’m “fatter” now…either I am looking good, or I was so big, I was going to need my own area code)
  • Driving to Idaho I noticed I didn’t have to unbuckle my belt anymore like I used to have to do for the 3 hour drive.  (I also noticed a direct correlation to the number of car accidents that seemed to happen right next to me…weird)
  • I’ve noticed being overweight comes with some clumsiness for me in the gym as I went to sit on the stability ball but having it slip out from underneath me (Let’s all enjoy the irony that this took place on the “stability ball”)
  • I can’t remember how many times I was asked to be Santa this year.  That was new since that’s never happened to me (let’s just be grateful I didn’t have people wanting to sit on my lap…)
  • Even though I had been doing some cardio and other exercises for a good month, I noticed that dancing at a New Year’s Eve party was quite difficult and awkward for me with the extra weight.  Probably even more awkward for my wife. (When I asked her, she yawned and said that so long as I keep not snoring, I could do the "Dougie" on the dance floor, and she wouldn’t mind)
After all of the mini victories I encountered with my wife this month, it’s a wonder why I didn’t do this earlier.  Who would have known that “becoming fit” would pay so many more dividends than “maintaining fitness”. Now, I have to go use my wife’s lotion before she gets ready for another quiet night of sleep.