Why So Many "One Leg" Exercises?

I've had a lot of people ask about the "one leg" exercises and why there are so many. These are called unilateral exercises. Here's my reasons for implementing so many unilateral exercises this month (then I'll shutup and stop preaching to everyone:)):

1) It helps strengthen your small stabilizer muscles that you don't normally use when working out.
2) It helps to strengthen your core while you're working out those other muscles.
3) Because of the strengthening of the stabilizer muscles it helps to prevent injury especially around the joints.
4) It's obviously good for balance as well and who doesn't want good balance, right?
5) It also helps with muscle imbalance.
6) Strengthening one arm or leg at a time will help increase your performance when performing exercises with both arms. For example, when using dumbbells (unilateral) for bench press, it can help improve performance when using a barbell (bilateral) for bench press.

So even though you think it might look weird and people are staring at you, trust me when I say, that people who really understand fitness will think you're a pro!!!