Drooling, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and...WHAM!? Month 2 in Review!

Congratulations to me!  2 months are done, and I'm really enjoying the journey.  Developing an actual "gut" when I've strived to avoid one all of my life is one of the accomplishments I never dreamed of about a year ago...in other words, can this please speed up?  I still have 4 more months to go to grow my waist line and stretch my stomach, and I can honestly say that I could probably bond with mothers everywhere by sharing the fear of stretch marks.  Soon, I'll be breaking vitamin E capsules all over the place. But the two month mark also means revisiting the physical, mental, and emotional changes that I'm going through, and I can honestly say that I've noticed more differences this month than I did in the first month.  This actually surprised me.  Maybe I thought that losing my abs (which I did by the end of month 1) would be more traumatic (don't ask my wife - I think she was plugging her ears when she heard me wailing "Gone!  All gone!  Why have you abandoned me?!" each night).  But apparently, the development of the "tear drop" physique has had a higher strain than I expected. For those that didn't see the first month in review you can find it here.  Today's blog also throws in a few "A Ha" moments that have really hit me in the gut...har har har.  Okay, I'll stop. Physical

  • 7 inches gained in my waist (it's official - I had to buy new pants.  Next stop, the intricacies of sweats!)
  • 4 inches gained in my hips ("Girl, I think my butt gettin' big")
  • 33 lbs. gained in 8 weeks (it made me feel better to know that it's ONLY the equivalent of my friend's 4 year old...WHEW!)
  • I lost 1/2" in my biceps (Apparently, I don't even have tickets to the "gun show" anymore)
  • Already bought 2 new pairs of shorts and my first ever XXL shirt (give me another month, and my "new" shorts would have been a hit in the group "Wham!")
  • Energy level is still a 7 out of 10 (of course, I judge this by my stamina through a meal now)
  • Cardiovascular endurance diminished even more.  It takes me so long to recover now from everyday "extracurriclar activities" (get your head out of the gutter - I think I'd keel over if that was an every day activity these days, and I think my wife just laughed out loud at the thought)
  • I actually go through withdrawals, when I go an extended period without processed carbs (it got really awkward when I asked my wife if she'd seen "me lucky charms" anywhere)
  • Foods I actually crave now: Cap'n Crunch cereal (Still, but I've discovered something called Cinnamon Toast Crunch...even better!), more soda (a 2-liter a day keeps the heartburn away)
  • I find it harder and harder to choose between Taco Bell, Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger King, etc. (although I haven't graduated to a Taco Bell appetizer, Wendy's Main Course, McDonald's dessert, and Burger King second dessert...hey, wait a minute!  I wouldn't even have to choose....)
  • I used to hate it when my wife would bake treats for me, but now I've noticed I get excited when she says, "Do you want peanut butter, oatmeal, or snicker doodle cookies?" (I wonder if the drooling bothers her...or attracts her to me.  I'll have to drool on purpose tomorrow to see)
  • I notice I've become lazier and lazier as I scan through the fridge.  (Don't believe me?  I actually think of all of the steps required to make a peanut butter sandwich, and just decide that there's nothing in the house to eat.  Hence me struggling to choose between fast food restaurants)
  • My wife has noticed that instead of wearing tighter clothing like I used to, I search incessantly for the largest sizes I own (see, this is where "Wham!" would be disappointed in me)
  • I'm still trying to "own" being fat, but I feel the need to let people know right away about what I'm doing so they don't think, "Wow, that Drew guy really let himself go."  I'm getting better though.  Now I introduce myself as "Drew, the personal trainer making himself fat so he can teach people to be fit".  Progress, people.  I used to flex while saying it.
This Month's "A Ha!" Moments
  • I now consider mowing the lawn a workout (and my wife does too because she has to carry me back in the house)
  • I now have to undo my pants when driving in the car because it's too uncomfortable.  (to all my neighbors reading, it's totally normal.  Just keep waving and smiling!)
  • I'm pretty sure it's not normal to get sore triceps after throwing my little 2 year old girl in the air a few times
  • No late-night-waking-up-and-eating-a-whole-can-of-pringles episodes, this month...it was only a half a can!  (I'm pacing myself)
In all, 2 months of learning down and 33 lbs, but 4 more months of fit 2 "fat" to go!  Let the lessons, and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flow!