1 Month Down, 5 More to Go - Review of Month 1

I can't believe it's already been 1 month into my journey.  These first 4 weeks have been a big learning experience for me and I feel like there's still so much to learn.  Luckily (okay, maybe not for my waistline, but for fast food joints across America), I still have 5 more months to go.  Most people that see me everyday don't notice a huge difference, but I DEFINITELY notice some big changes.  As I review each month, I'm going to break things down by the physical, mental, and emotional changes I've experienced.  Then, I'll round it out with a few "A Ha" moments that have really hit me.  Here are some differences I've noticed in my first month so far:


  • 3.5 inches gained in my waist (there's just more of me to love)   
  • 2 inches gained in my hips (I'm considering taking Latin dancing lessons)
  • 20.7 lbs gained in 4 weeks (when you break it out by day, it's less than a pound.  So there!)
  • No loss of my muscle mass yet (yes, it's still as easy as ever to lift the food to my mouth)
  • Pants are starting to get tighter (I don't need new clothes so far.  I can always do the "lie down and button the jeans" trick, so the shopping spree will wait another month)
  • Energy levels has changed from a 10 to probably a 7 (Either that, or the kitchen has gotten farther away)
  • Cardiovascular endurance diminished (Okay, so I'm breathing a bit harder going up the stairs.  At least I don't count how many I have left as I'm climbing them!)


  • My hunger pains are more intense (I know there is 'Roid Rage, but have you heard of Carb Rage?)
  • Foods I actually crave now: Cap'n Crunch cereal, chocolate covered coconut granola bars, Mountain Dew (I'm even trying to perfect the Cap'n accent and everything!)
  • I've eaten at a McDonald's more in the past month than I have my entire life (the day they recognize me by name, I'll....I'll....I'll....start going to Burger King instead)
  • I find it harder and harder to keep my stomach sucked in all day when I'm out in public (It can be a workout and uncomfortable trying to do that...plus I'm starting to get weird looks.  It could be that I'm holding my breath half of the time to keep it "all in")


  • I'm feeling more and more self conscious by the day. (I feel like a woman as nothing in my closet fits me right anymore.....and everything's tighter too.  I've even resorted to asking Lynn "does this make me look fat?" and being mad at her answer, no matter what it is)
  • My jealousy of other "fit" people is growing (Especially, as I see them in their cut off shirts going for a jog in the warm spring sun...wait a minute, judging from that last sentence, I might have a career as a romance novelist)
  • As my energy levels have dropped, I've also noticed I'm more grumpy throughout the day (Actually my wife pointed that one out)
  • I feel the need to tell everyone that I didn't always look so fat (Which is why I always carry a business card with my beginning picture on it and I've even thought of making a t-shirt as I get fatter that explains why I'm getting so big.  Then again, the picture might just start stretching anyway, which defeats the entire point!)

This Month's "A Ha!" Moments

  • I woke up at midnight and ate a whole can of Pringles
  • After eating the Pringles, I tried to make jokes about their slogan to make myself feel less guilty
  • My 2 year old pointed to my tummy and said "baby". (I fear the next step is that I'll start thinking about baby names)
  • I was pleasantly surprised and excited to learn that Twinkies have branched out from their traditional flavor, into uncharted flavors like banana

In all, 1 month of learning down,  5 months to go.  And more carbs than I can even count.  Now, if you'll excuse me I need to explore how exactly these "crunch berries" are a part of a balanced breakfast.