7 Krispy Kreme's everyday???

I've received a lot of comments and emails wondering if I'm going to be doing this "extreme" eating (example: 7 Krispy Kremes in one sitting like on my homepage) the entire 6 months. To clarify... NO.  That is not my plan. My purpose is to eat unhealthy to gain weight, but to gear this more towards how most individuals eat unhealthy day to day. I try to emphasize to my friends and clients that nutrition is actually more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss or weight maintenance. I have my weekly poll up for people to vote on one "extreme" eating challenge a week. Some days I may eat unhealthier than others depending on if I'm on the road eating some fast food versus at home, but that is similar to most people's eating habits. Once I have gained my 50-60 lbs, the first month back to fit will actually only consist of me changing my diet and still not exercising. I hope to show, this way, how important your eating habits are. I will also post what I'm eating and people can know where I purchase it and the approximate cost so they have an idea of how much it costs to eat healthy. I will also keep track of the amount I spend on eating unhealthy so I can blog about the cost comparison.