Month 1 of Fat2Fit in Review

This feels different.  After 6 months of reviewing the not so adorable changes to my body (thanks, in part to my personal addictions of Mountain Dew and Cinnamon Toast Crunch), I’m actually reviewing a month with some positive health progress!  However, I would like to take a moment of silence for my dearly departed friends (the aforementioned Dew and Crunch) – I hardly knew you.  And miss you terribly. … … … Okay, at least my conscious feels a bit better.  With that, it’s the time of the month where I take a look at the physical, emotional, and mental changes I've noticed so far, as I finally head back from Fat2Fit. Physical
  • 3.5 inches lost in my waist (let’s put it this way – the “permanent” imprint of the elastic waistband of my sweats might not be so permanent after all)
  • 3 inches lost in my hips (I've noticed I'm not knocking as many things over with my huge butt like I used to – oh, I still do…it’s just less)
  • 19 lbs. lost in 4 weeks (I guess I won't have to dress up as Santa this year after all.  But now what am I going to do with the outfit I bought?)
  • Energy level has increased to a 7 out of 10 (I've used "time spent playing with my daughter" as a measuring tool. I think I'm up to 6 minutes consistently without passing out.  She’s still disappointed.)
  • I'm happy to report that my chaffing has gone down quite a bit (Sure, it might be TMI, but I'm happier these days because of it!)
  • I definitely feel less bloated as I used to and my hunger pains aren't as intense as they were at the start of the month (I’m only half Incredibly Hulk when I’m hungry these days – my wife must be in heaven already!)
  • I feel a bit sharper more focused (For example, as I walked into a grocery store I only had to put the Zingers back once instead of a few times because I forgot I was in the Fat2Fit stage).
  • I’ve only allowed myself to be lazy on football days (that means, I’m only lazy on Saturdays.  And Sundays.  And of course Mondays.  And sometimes Thursdays.  Other than that, my wife, again, must feel spoiled.  I’m so much more helpful!).
  • Mentally, the first week of Fat2Fit was hell.  It seemed like I would have run-ins with my favorite friends (Mountain Dew, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Zingers) every day, in every location.  Then again, when I found a liter in the shower, I realized my wife was just punishing me).
  • Yep, I’m still as self-conscious as ever (My fat rolls, although smaller, are still there and my man boobs don’t seem to be ready to abandon the hope of becoming a D-cup).
  • When I'm stressed and busy, I feel like I still have that emotional attachment to those comfort foods because I know how they taste and I know how they make me feel.
  • I've noticed my complaining has gone down (I’m sure my wife agrees.  I’ll ignore the fact that she’s vehemently shaking her head right now), but we'll see if that keeps up as I start my exercises next week.
  • Overall I feel happier, since my energy has increased, and I feel less moody than I did last month (still more head shaking…we’ll just move on!).
This Month's "A Ha!" Moments
  • Note to self: going without Mountain Dew after 6 straight months of drinking causes massive headaches/grumpiness, and an extended stay on the couch.  Or is that due to the continued snoring?
  • My co-workers at the hospital decided to order pizza in honor of my Fat2Fit stage.  While it’s the thought that counts, I’ll let you all enjoy that irony!  (Luckily I had my basil chicken with me or I would have caved to the Three P’s - pepperoni and peer pressure).
  • I was surprised that I was able to control myself during Thanksgiving.  Knowing that I had a green light to "cheat" that meal, I felt pretty good about my decision to stick to my rules.
  • It's so much easier not having to cook 2 meals every night like I had to during my Fit2Fat stage.  I’m still wondering how long it will take for my wife and I to fully reassume our pre-journey roles – me as the health nut, and her sneaking in food contraband!)
  • It helps when I'm in control of buying the groceries because I know I have control of what's in the house and what's not in the house.  There will always be moments of weakness at home and having a "snack stash" in the house is just too tempting for me.
Once again, I can't believe I've made it through my first month of Fat2Fit.  Thank you ALL for the support.  It really makes a difference not doing this alone.  Keep pushing through those hard times and those moments of temptation.  Here's to another great month as we start the exercises. It’s good I’ve already started returning to my old self.  Less complaining, less whining, less lazy.  Right, honey? … … … Stop shaking your head!