Exercise Fear

I've received quite a few comments on Facebook and Twitter along with many emails from people who are "fearful" after seeing the newest videos/workouts for next week. There are a few things I want to clarify and outline regarding us all starting some more intensive exercises: 1) Do the best you can- Remember that this is not a contest of you versus me. It doesn't matter if you can't do all the push-ups I can. I'm showing a guideline for everyone and you should customize it to yourself. If you need to do all of the push-ups on your knees that's still great. Also, you can do push-ups at an angle against the wall as an alternative to doing them on your knees (if that's too difficult). Maybe you cannot do as many push-ups as listed on the workout plan... that's okay too! Remember, you're doing the "best" you can and "building your endurance". Maybe for the 1st month you can only do half the amount of push-ups on your knees and then the next month all the push-ups on your knees and then the next month half on your knees and half on your feet, etc. The point is unless you push yourself to do the best you can you'll never improve. That's what I want us to focus on... doing the BEST we can and improving our strength and endurance gradually over time. 2) Customize to your own situation- As I've said before, these plans are customized to my wife and I. We're trying to give as many options as possible between our two workouts that you can build your workout either from home or the gym. If you have an injured shoulder or knee (or any other medical condition) that requires you to abstain from an exercise please do so. You should customize and do what you are able to do and not injure yourself if you have any medical condition or injury. 3) This is not an excuse to quit- Some have seen there are pull-ups and say "I can't do a pull-up". This is NOT an excuse to quit. Again, refer to point #1 that you're doing the best you can. The pull-ups I do at the gym I use an assisted machine and the ones my wife is doing from home she uses a chair to help her. I want you to do the best you can with those two options (or choose an alternative exercise if needed). FEAR IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO QUIT! Let's remember that month one we just did stretching and core (along with eating healthy) and still saw results. So my recommendation is to continue to eat healthy, try out the exercises and use whatever alternatives needed (doing the best you can), and continue to do your stretching. Whether you can do the exercises 100% or 10% you'll still continue to improve over time and see results! Don't use your exercise fear as an excuse. Remember..."Commit to a healthier lifestyle, regardless of your circumstances". I can't make a custom plan for everyone, so please use my wife's workouts (these are not just for women but for people that need to work out from home in general) or my workouts (again these aren't just for men but anyone that has a gym membership) and do the best you can while maintaining your healthy eating habits. People fear the unknown and worry about failure. If you're doing the best you can you are NEVER failing. My wife and I will try to post some videos soon showing alternative workouts so people can have more options to choose from as well when making adjustments to the plans listed. WE CAN ALL DO THIS.. STAY STRONG!