Wait Until Monday?

Like many of us I've been in the position on a Tuesday or a Wednesday where I miss a workout or eat a piece of cake I wasn't planning on. As the surge of guilt runs through me, I quickly brush it aside with "It's okay, I'll start again on Monday." I'm as guilty of this as everyone else, and am glad to see I’m not alone – it’s quite amusing to hear many of my friends use the same excuse, as they casually stuff an Oreo in their mouth. In fact, when you’re trying to eat healthy (or follow a diet), I think it’s written somewhere that the #1 excuse or justification is always the “I’ll wait until Monday” approach.

My question is, why? Why do we put off our lives for "Mondays" or "Next Week" for that matter? So you ate a piece of cake and are feeling guilty; instead of then excusing the rest of the week as a “lost cause”, instead focus on your next opportunity to make the right decision. Just do better your next meal. Logically if on Wednesday you make a bad food choice or don't exercise wouldn't it make more sense to pick up the next meal and do better and exercise the NEXT day and still have a solid week instead of putting off until Monday? Throwing away Wednesday-Sunday because a slip up on Tuesday or Wednesday isn't going to get you the results you want. Why waste away today for tomorrow? Moreover, many times, when we use the Monday excuse, we then make it “okay” to cheat, or slip into bad habits until that Monday rolls around. So not only are we holding ourselves back, we’re actually giving ourselves permission to make wrong choices for the rest of the week!

There’s a fact in this new lifestyle. We're all imperfect and there will be days that come up that are harder than most (either regarding food or workouts), but instead of sulking and reaching for the tub of Ben & Jerry's, give yourself credit for doing the best you can each day and try better the next meal instead of putting it off until "next Monday". You owe it to yourself to not put off the better you a single day longer than you have to!

To be honest when my husband asked if I was going to write this post I even said, "I'll get to it Monday". Let the irony wash over you on that one. Good thing my husband gave me that extra nudge I needed. Do the best you can each and every day. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers. Find the extra support you need to keep you accountable EACH day and if they ever hear you say the words, "I'll start again on Monday", give them permission to slap you. Okay, maybe just remind you. Unless you’re Drew. I will always retain that right!

A post by Lynn (Drew's wife)