Who am I?

I felt it was a good time to better introduce myself.  I know everyone thinks they know me, but I wanted to throw out a few more details about myself so that y'all can better understand who I am and why I'm doing this. I have been very specific about the information I’ve shared, hoping my winning personality would be enough to get people to stick around to understand my journey.  Slowly, I provided more information – about having kids, my physical and emotional “issues”, and too many shots of my man boobs and “Santa tummy”.  But as we near the halfway point of this journey, it’s time to meet.  It’s time (for those of you who don’t already) to get to know a bit more of the real Drew. And something tells me; it’s not the Drew you’re expecting.  I’ve seen some of the comments, and read some rather pointed insinuations that I am (or at least was) THAT personal trainer.  The one that was seriously considering a tattoo of my gym’s logo, spent more time lifting weights than stepping into the sunshine, and physically assaulted fast food patrons with stalks of celery in their hubcaps as they rounded through the drive thru.  While I won’t deny my insatiable appetite for being fit, I hate to disappoint those that think my journey from fat to fit will consistently be “live from Anytime Fitness!”  If only I had the time…that, and if I did, my wife would physically harm me…probably with stalks of celery just for the irony. My life and story resides in the small town of Salt Lake City, Utah (I know – of all places) and as mentioned more times than should probably be allowed, have a wonderful and supportive wife (Lynn).  We’ve had an incredibly healthy (pardon the pun) marriage, in which I have thrived in perfecting the husbandly duties of cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc.  In addition, I have two beautiful daughters (a 2-year old and a 5 month old) named Kale’a and Kiana, respectively.  As any follower knows, having an infant and a toddler ensures a few things – first, memorizing Disney movies (along with every Disney song known to man).  Second, watching your house, car, and any residence that you spend more than 10 minutes resemble the path of a tornado.  And third, a genuine lack of sleep for as long as your kids have been on the planet.  My family would be enough to keep any man (fit, fat, or otherwise “weighted”) incredibly busy. Beyond my home life, yes, I’m a personal trainer.  But I don’t live at the gym (again – see wife and kids…that’s a short term gain, long term loss proposition if I’ve ever seen one), and I don’t work out 5 hours a day.  Contrary to popular belief, I actually only do personal training part-time.  I have a full-time job on top of personal training with a company called Physiom.  There, I am a neuromonitoring technician, responsible for monitoring a patient’s nervous system during back surgery.  And to keep me from ever getting bored, I also coach little league football (which is a source of depression right now – I went from being called Coach Buff to Coach Puff in a matter of months – and now, it’s gotten really awkward because they’ve started telling me what they want for Christmas). In short, I’m like any normal person that you’d meet.  I just love to be fit, and have been addicted to my own personal health.  For six months, I abandoned much of that addiction in favor of new ones (when I can’t sleep now, I count squares of cinnamon toast crunch to get drowsy).  But as my fat2fit journey nears, I won’t become a 30-hour a week exercising sadist.  Maybe it’s due to shows like “The Biggest Loser”, which help obese individuals lose ridiculous amounts of weight through rigorous 6-hour (per day) workouts, but I simply don’t have that time to devote to “the cause”.  It’s much simpler than that for me.  In my wonderfully busy life, I created a routine that worked for me and for my clients. It was a "lifestyle" and not a quick fix or fad diet. As you’ll soon see, my approach is focused on maintaining appropriate eating, and 45 minute-1 hour workouts 5 times a week.  If I were to describe my approach in one word, it would be “manageable”.  My goal isn’t to be fit and healthy at the expense of everything else in my life.  It’s to do it as a critical part of it. Lastly, I wanted to briefly touch on some of the comments that I’ve received that I’m only doing this for the publicity.  Am I sad about the recent upsurge in publicity?  Absolutely not.  When I started this journey, I did so, in part, to help more individuals find a fit lifestyle than I ever could hope to through individual personal training.  Now, there are more people (more then I could've ever imagined) that will follow me back to fit and hopefully create a better (healthier) lifestyle because of it.  Did I ever expect this kind of attention?  No way.  In fact, until a couple weeks ago, it was me and a few of my closest followers, living through the ups, downs, highs, and lows of my now 75+ lbs. of extra padding.  My mission remains the same – to continue to understand some of the struggles of people who are overweight, and to provide tips, workouts, and meal plans for those ready to commit to better health.  And as I stare down at my belly, I’m more grateful than ever at the number of followers that have joined in.  Because something tells me that I’m going to need your motivation over the next six months just as much as you’ll need mine. And that’s a bit more of the real me and why I’m on this crazy journey.