It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…

I could probably write an entire blog post about my excitement. No, I’m not overwhelmed and giddy at my impending visit to The Tonight Show. And no, I didn’t just sign a sponsorship deal with Spandex. But I’m nearing my own personal “Christmas Morning” – the day that my journey from fit 2 fat ends, and my trek from fat 2 fit begins. In preparation for the momentous occasion, I feel the need to prepare you and myself.

I’ve been overwhelmed with the number of individuals who have stated a desire to join me in the journey from fat 2 fit. And as November 5th marches closer, the questions regarding the next stage of my journey have piled in.

• Will you be working out at a gym?

• Will you be taking supplements?

• What kinds of foods will you buy/eat? And will you post what you’re buying in advance so that I can follow along?

In short, the answers to your questions are: yes, uh huh, you betcha, and absolutely. Let me explain.

Will you be working out at a gym? Back in the good old days where I could actually see my toes and I incessantly counted my abs, I worked out at a gym (Anytime Fitness). As I journey back, I’ll do it at the same gym. I believe that you have a better opportunity to get into shape with the help of proper workout equipment. But it doesn’t mean you have to do it at a gym. Can you get in shape at home? Yes. Can you lose weight without a Total Gym? Only if your name isn’t Chuck Norris. The fact is, while proper workout equipment can increase your results, you can get results anywhere. I will provide workout plans that people can do from home.

Will you be taking supplements? Yes, I’m going to be taking supplements. When I was a personal trainer, I used them and encouraged my clients to use specific supplements to help achieve greater results. I will post all supplements I will be taking in my journey back, as I believe this is another way to truly maximize your results. Do you have to take supplements to lose the gut? No. Does a double cheeseburger count as a “fat supplement”? Only to Ronald McDonald. Proper supplements help your body shift into overdrive. You can achieve results without them. If you don’t want to use supplements, or don’t feel you can afford them, then don’t. Just stick to the healthy meal plan, and commit to the workout routines. You will still see results. Look for a new tab on my website as well, called “Store” for further details.

What kinds of food will you buy/eat? Will you post what you’re buying in advance so that I can follow along? Again, the purpose of this journey is to teach you (and re-teach myself) how to lose weight and find true health. A healthy meal plan is a critical piece to any success you will find. I will be posting shopping lists so that you can see what I’m buying. And let’s get your other questions out of the way. No, you don’t have to shop at an expensive whole foods market to lose weight. I don’t. You don’t need to either. And if you’re unable to purchase the same foods as me, don’t worry. I’ll prove alternatives, as well as a free website that will offer many food choices from meals that I will be eating.

And now, a message from Coach Buff (he’s in here somewhere!) As my journey is hopefully encouraging you to take your own, I need to offer some tough love (for me and for you). We’re going to talk a lot about this over the next six months, but this journey is going to be about choices (i.e. choosing to work out, eat healthy, take supplements, etc.). Every week, day, and hour, you’ll be presented with opportunities to make healthy choices. You’ll also face similar opportunities to find your own reasons, excuses, and justifications as to why you can’t keep up. The things I wrote about today – gym memberships, supplements, healthy foods – these are all cleverly hidden reasons you may use to keep you from taking your own journey. In no uncertain terms, let me be clear. None of these reasons should hold you back. I don’t care if you’re working out in your garage because you’re afraid of judgment at the local gym. It doesn’t matter if you go through the entire journey without touching a supplement. And if you are the coupon cutting, Walmart shopping commando, so be it. None of these things should be used as a reason to deny yourself the health you deserve. So don’t let them. Don’t let yourself down. Commit to a better you - regardless of circumstance.