Win Money By Losing Weight with the Fit2Fat2Fit Dietbet Challenge

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My wife and I heard about an interesting concept called “social dieting”. A company, called, created a platform where people can compete to lose weight in a fun, friendly, and competitive (in a good-get your butt moving sort of way) environment. They win cash prizes to be split amongst all the winners and statistically have a significantly higher ratio of success in people losing weight compared to traditional methods. How high? Studies show people are 5 times more likely to reach their goal when money is involved!

So why do people have better odds during a competition instead of on their own? My wife and I realized they adopted two of the most important principles I preach on my site and in my book about accountability and support. Oh…and it turns out people like to win money too! ha

A lot of people lack the motivation to get on the right track and have asked what they can do to get started or push through a plateau. Accountability is key! Putting a little “skin in the game” and announcing your intentions publicly leads to greater success becoming fit. Additionally, the support system is crucial to give you a pat on the back, or a kick in the pants, when you need it.

We realized had a good idea in mind creating an environment where people can get motivated and create good habits! Once the competition is over you’re in a better position to keep up the habits and make it a healthy lifestyle change! We already did one Diebet challenge and the pot was almost $70,000 for the winners to split!

The competition starts on September 16th, but people can join up to 2 weeks late (better to get started now though so you have more time to lose the weight and win the $!) so get signed up and ready to go here:

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