Why you SHOULD eat a Cadbury Cream Egg

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“It’s important we remember the true meaning of Easter“, says the Archbishop of Cadbury.

I’m back again this year with my justification for eating a large Cadbury Cream Egg this Easter Sunday.

This post is really to show you how we are often mislead on what is “healthy”. What are you (most likely) eating or drinking that is worse than this delicious Cadburg Cream Egg? Let’s examine and see if you’re in for a surprise.

Oatmeal, juice, protein bars, smoothies and yogurt are full of more sugar?! So bust out that Cadbury and enjoy

And in all seriousness… maybe consider switching some of these items out in the future. ;0)

Do I eat a Cadbury cream egg every single day? No. But will I enjoy one once a year? Sure, why not! It’s all about balance, plus I enjoy activities that bond me with family, and there is more to life than sweating over one sugary, cream-filled egg.

And here’s your challenge! After enjoying your treat, consider counting how much sugar you’re eating per day.

  • How many grams of sugar did you consume this week?
  • How many things could be eliminated and replaced with healthier options?

Need help figuring out how to get on track? Check out my programs to find one that suits you and your lifestyle!

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