Why Fit2Fat2Fit Supplements?

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I'm sure many of you have noticed these supplements on the website:

Yes, these are our supplements (Lynn and I) that we formulated with a world renowned formulator here in Utah, Tracy K. Gibbs, PH.D. I feel privileged that I could actually control and know what goes into the supplements. It was a learning process going through the ingredients that most company's put into their products, and seeing what each ingredient (good and bad) does to our bodies. Before, I would just trust that the supplements I used were "good for me" especially when it was a popular or large supplement company. However, now having learned so much about supplements, I now realize I was naive and very much a novice when it came to what to use and why. When I worked with Tracy my goal was to create a grade "A' product with all-natural ingredients that I could feel confident using and even more so confident having my family and close friends use.

I've said it before and I will say it again that people don't have to take supplements. I've always used specific supplements to help achieve greater results for myself. Do you have to take supplements to lose the gut? No. Does a double cheeseburger count as a “fat supplement”? Only to Ronald McDonald. Proper supplements help your body shift into overdrive. You can achieve results without them. If you don’t want to use supplements, or don’t feel you can afford them, then don’t. Just stick to the healthy meal plan, and commit to the workout routines. You will still see results.  Commit to a healtier lifestyle, regardless of your circumstance.

With that being said, we are very proud to bring you our line of 2Fit supplements with a Men and Women's Whey Protein Isolate, with:

– 100% all Natural Ingredients:

– NO fillers  

– NO artificial sweeteners  

– NO synthetics  

– Both proteins have 4g of fiber and 1g of net carbs

– A patented Assimilation Enhancement System, which helps ensure maximum absorption.

My wife is especially thrilled about the Women's Whey because it contains a natural supplement to decrease Cortisol levels (stress induced hormone) that many women struggle with. She found out months ago that her levels were too high and therefore made it mandatory we have something in the protein to help women deal with the symptoms of high cortisol levels (i.e. cravings, trouble sleeping, belly fat, etc).

We also have a whole food Multivitamin that uses whole foods instead of cheap synthetic ingredients and a digestive enzyme which breaks down your food into it's simplest form and stays active at all PH levels throughout the digestive process which helps reduce bloating, gas, and other digestive issues.

All of our products are manufactured at CSB, here in Utah, that uses "FDA compliant strict manufacturing processes" to ensure the highest quality.

For those interested in trying out any of the products I do have a coupon code that will be available for the next week giving you 15% off (Code is: Book1). Hope you enjoy the product(s) and more so enjoy the healthier lifestyle that many of you have been embracing. Please remember I'm always available if you have any questions: [email protected]

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