The First Ever, Life-Changing Fit2Fat2Fit Cruise

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Guess what???

On October 23rd I will be hosting the first EVER Fit2Fat2Fit Cruise! I'm so excited for this. It's gonna be so much fun meeting y'all in person, while on an incredible cruise.

We have a TON of fun stuff planned and I’m too excited to keep this to myself, so I had to share this with you guys now.

Dates: October 23-27, 2017

It’ll be a week of group fitness classes, nutrition seminars, private events, excursions and so much more, all while cruising in the Caribbean =D!!!!!

Not only will you return home relaxed, stronger, FITTER, and with complete confidence for the next steps of your health and fitness journey, but you will also meet some like-minded people, have a chance to receive private coaching from me, and have some much needed fun.

Work will always be there.

Stress will always be there.

Commitments will always be there.

But opportunities like these, don’t come often.

We always say we’ll do something fun, or take a vacation, or get serious about our health SOMEDAY. But that “someday” never comes if you don’t MAKE.IT.HAPPEN. On this cruise, you’ll be able to accomplish ALL of that (fun, vacation, get serious about your health and fitness) all in one place, with me by your side.

No more “someday”.

TODAY, is THE day.

This event is already starting to book up, so reserve your spot now. This is your opportunity to receive coaching and support from me, in a friendly and relaxing environment, while being surrounded by people just like you.

Make “someday”, TODAY!

Click here to learn more.

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