Supplements – To Take or Not To Take

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You know supplements are mainstream when you can buy almost every type of supplement at WalMart, from protein to Testosterone Boosters.  The question is are they really helpful? 

This post is just my two cents on the subject of supplements. 

Do I take supplements? Yes. 

Do I think they're necessary for everyone? No. 

I promise this post is not about selling you some type of supplement at the end nor will I get into which supplements are better than other supplements.  I will go over how supplements can be beneficial and where they fit in when living a healthy lifestyle.

I do feel like SOME supplements (not all) have some benefits, especially with the society we live in today…a society of convenience.  If there was a pill that replaced eating healthy food and exercising I'm pretty sure a large majority of us would take it, right? Unfortunately there isn't a pill or a powder that does that, despite some outrageous claims out there (many of which have been stealing my photo to promote outrageous claims of losing 70 lbs in 3 weeks with no effort).  However, since many of us are busy, on the go, juggling kids to and from school and sports, or travel for a living, some supplements can help us get in healthier options where whole food is not always accessible.  For example, trying to bring broccoli, cauliflower and eggs on a business trip isn't always the best option…I think the smell alone would get you kicked off the plane (broccoli and eggs anyone?).  That's where a high quality protein supplement and a high quality multi-vitamin could come in handy instead. Don't like eating fish? Neither do many of my clients, but that can lead to being deficient in Omegas… in that case an omega supplement could be helpful.

I also feel like some supplements can help to accelerate results when following a fitness program. They can aid in getting you through a plateau, help you get started with a new lifestyle change, help to jump-start your motivation, or help with things like hormone regulation. 

Supplements can be a piece of the puzzle of achieving health and fitness, but don't look at them as the key to success in this area.  They will NEVER REPLACE LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.  At the end of the day, if you can't afford certain supplements, then don't let that be an excuse to not live a healthy lifestyle.  Do what you can with what you have! Just know that they are called SUPPLEMENTS and not REPLACEMENTS.  Don't get lazy with the other things you know you need to do… like eat your vegetables and exercise. At least until that magic pill comes on the market!!!

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