So this is a tough to share because it shows my face up close with no filters and I’ve honestly never done that before. (Cause let’s be honest most of us girls use a filter) One of the reasons I started the Ketogenic diet was I became FED UP with my skin. I never had acne growing up and after I had my kids I started having breakouts like crazy. So for the past 6 years my skins been so inflamed and I’ve lived hiding behind a mask. I tried everything from the dermatologist to things my OB/GYN prescribed, to DIY remedies, Over the counter products, creams, facials, chemical peels, spa treatments. You NAME IT I tried it. I even switched up my diet. Stopped drinking soda, eating chocolate, fatty foods, fast foods, dairy etc…but NOTHING worked. I stumbled upon the Ketogenic diet and started researching big into it. I started my journey on my own March 18th till I came across Drew’s program on March 23rd. I was so interested in his journey and I watched every video I could find. His program made sense! That followingMonday on the 26th I started his 60 day jumpstart program. I have to say that the Ketogenic diet has brought back my confidence is my bare skin! I don’t have to cake my face in makeup to leave the house. I would spend at least an hour priming, applying, and covering my face. Heck I don’t even wear makeup anymore! I threw out all the chemical crap and face washes I had stashed under my sink. It is such a great feeling to walk out in public and not be ashamed of your skin. Yes I still have imperfections and flaws in my skin but it’s getting better EVERYDAY! Thank you Keto thank you.

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