First pic was taken March 2017 heaviest weight 176pound it seemed like scale was always going up no matter what I tried. Second pic was taken Nov 2017 130. I’m 4’9 1/2 small frame. I love this low carb/keto eating. Normal food, that’s healthy,. I don’t miss the other foods that I don’t eat. My husband has joined in eating this way with me?

I’m not much of a workout person, I don’t like gyms, but I found this workout book that for 20minutes a day for 3 days a week in my living room or outside, I’m good with that. I got a big dog, he & I walk almost jog, 3 times daily.

I haven’t hit my goal weigh yet 20pounds to go. Never give up small goals to get to big goal.
Again to Drew and his crew Thank you for the hard work and research y’all do. I’m greatful.

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