As a doctorate-prepared RN, knowledge wasn’t my issue. My harsh realization came when I realized that I was out of excuses and still had the ability to make a change. January 2018 became my breaking point where I finally said “enough” and took back control of my health/life.


My initial steps included accountability with family and friends. I cleaned up my diet, exchanging bad habits and foods for better/healthier choices. I traded diet sodas for water and started using MyFitnessPal (again) to track my diet. I reactivated my gym membership and started working with a trainer. I found even more motivation after binge-watching 2 seasons’ worth of the Fit2Fat2Fit series. By mid-February, I had lost approximately 10 lbs. and felt great.


Then life collided with my journey and I hit a plateau, with old habits slowly sneaking back in, i.e. a bowl of cereal here, chips there…These combined with the social media comparison game all became factors that slowly pushed my motivation to change, further into the ground. Seeking new motivation, I started noticing a pattern every time I logged into social media: Info about Drew’s Keto program would randomly appear. After 4 “random” notifications, I realized this might be the answered prayer I was seeking. The only thing that stood between God’s best for my life and me, was “me.” I re-engaged my efforts and became keenly aware that this was no longer about “losing weight.” This was a battle to regain my life.

It has taken years to develop unhealthy Melissa and only time, action, and grace on my part can undo those bad habits. I must keep these as reminders as I move ahead on my journey towards living a healthy, sustainable and balanced life. My Keto-changeover officially started at the end of March and I’ve been all-in since mid-April. I’m not where I want to be YET, but I’m so much further ahead than I ever imagined back in January. Life is a marathon, not a sprint and each choice is a new opportunity to gain back control. Thanks Drew and team for helping me to realize my God-given potential by taking back my life for myself and my family!

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