Joseph Simmons

This 60 day Keto challenge started as a personal scientific experiment, then morphed into a life changing event. Even though it has ended, it is only the beginning of a new chapter in my life of healthier living. Despite going to the gym fairly consistently for several years, I never ate, felt, or looked the way I wanted. Without recognizing it, I was a binge eater and sugar addict.  I didn’t comprehend how all the processed and sugar loaded food` ` s I put into my body were contributing to my current state (over 25% body fat). Also, I didn’t understand the importance of including healthy fats in my diet or how the types and amounts of macros I was eating had so much more influence over my body composition than did the endless amounts of bench pressing.


I started and ended the 60 day challenge doing an Inbody test to see my BMR and body composition. Over the course of 60 days, I lost 22+ lbs, including over 16 lbs of pure fat (I lowered my body fat by 6.5%). I followed Drew’s recommendations to a T and either made all my meals with keto ingredients, bought them from, or went to In n Out for a protein style double double. On average I worked out about 5x a week. I have curbed my sugar/carb cravings in a way I didn’t think was possible previously (don’t get me wrong.. I still love them, just in healthier amounts). I even delayed my birthday celebration and passed on my mom’s famous German chocolate cake, something I would have never done in the past. Keto was very difficult for me to stick with in certain moments, but having drew’s input, drew’s FB live videos, and a friend that was doing it with me made a huuuuge difference on staying the course. After a few weeks in Keto, I settled in and started feeling consistent energy all day long. No crashes. No post lunch comas. No need for energy drinks to get a “boost”. I’ve learned to look at food primarily as fuel and occasionally as pleasure, instead of the other way around. I’m starting to eat when I need it, not when I’m bored or pissed that my team lost.


I don’t feel or look like the old me. It’s such an odd and wonderful sensation. I fit into pants I haven’t worn in 5+ years. I can walk and run around without feeling like I’m gonna die. More than anything, I am in control of what I eat, instead of letting it control me. This process has changed the way I look at nutrition, fueling the body, and my own capabilities. I feel like I’ve embarked on a path that will lead to a better life! 60 days from now I’ll be in an even better spot, which is the real value of this Keto challenge. Progression, not perfection. Thanks so much Drew!

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