James Mangum

This KETO challenge helped me lose weight without being able to exercise. Awesome!

I have been chubby my whole life. At the age of 30 and 225 lbs, my doctor sternly warned me about my increasing obesity. I learned about food and proper dieting and dropped into the 190s. I have tried to lose another 15 pounds to be leaner and lighter, but haven’t been able to do it.

I’m now 46 and my body is falling apart. 3 years ago, I had 2 surgeries (knee and hip), and I currently have a tear in my right arm and meniscus damage in my left knee, and my hips still bother me. I cannot sustain an exercise program.

Long story, short…this KETO challenge has helped me lose the excess weight without exercising and without struggling with hunger. I didn’t think that was possible. This is a most remarkable approach to dieting and becoming more lean. For people who cannot exercise, this diet can still help them shed excess weight.

When I began 60 days ago, I weighed 204 pounds and my fat percentage was around 25%…according to my digital scales. Today, I weighed in at 177.6 with a fat percentage of 18%

I lost almost 27 lbs and approximately 7% body fat. I plan to continue eating a mostly KETO lifestyle.


Thank you for showing me a new way. I hope to take care of my ailments and return to exercising.

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