Elaine Doyle

My main reason for joining this challenge was to lose some weight, but it turns out that was the least important part as I reflect back.


Top three moments of this journey:

1)   My daughter joined me this week for burpees.   As she was doing the final set, she said “I’m going to make this the best one yet.”   She is a kid who stops whenever something gets difficult and has on many occasions when we exercised together.  This journey has been difficult for me in terms of some of the exercises, but she has seen me never give up.  #rolemodel #mamasealbabysealteam


2)  On week 1, I saw the exercise routines coming up Week 5.   For four weeks I dreaded it, especially Monday’s. With some modifications and for over an hour, I completed it. Week 6 I  procrastinated forever before doing them. But Thursday, on our final day, I chose to do this routine and I loved it! #confident #strongerthanIthought #mindovermatter


3) First 10 days, I lost almost 20 pounds, but then the scale would just go up and down.  One day it went up almost 4 pounds (and I ate true to the plan and exercised).  I was so upset and wanted to just quit the challenge.  But I didn’t.  I decided to not care about the scale and to focus on the ultimate goal – my overall health.   #scalewontholdmehostage #imworthit #strongerthanever #feelinggoodmoreimportantthanlookinggood


Stat purposes: lost 23.6 pounds, 3.3% fat, about 8 inches and gained .5% muscle

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